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Dear Ladies, You Are Dating a Player, If You Notice These 3 Signs in Your Relationship

Have you ever come across a relationship player before? In case you haven’t, allow me to pour the full wine into the cup for you as you read patiently. A man is considered a player when he engages in too many relationships of which, he is after one thing or the other and not after the main aim of starting a relationship.

Players are dangerous and can end up shattering your hopes, when you think you have gotten a boyfriend. If you are unsure of the guy you are dating currently, I suggest you read this article from beginning to the end.

1. Showers You with Compliments: this is one of the most important signs you are running around with a player. Most players don’t actually have feelings for the ladies they move around with. They just win you over with lots of compliments and then use and dump you. It is as common as that, so if you notice that the man you are with currently compliments you way more than usual, be careful, he might be a player.

2. Never Ready to Take the Relationship Forward: this is another sign that you are toiling with a player. Due to the fact that all players are not really after having feelings for a lady but just after using the lady, majority of them find it hard to take the relationship further. If you observe that you have been dating a guy for many years and yet he doesn’t feel the need to take the relationship further, leave him and go for any other serious man.

3. Seduces You With Erotic Words: ladies are moved by what they hear and not by what they see. Many players know this secret and use it against ladies a lot. If you are dating a player, the first sign is showering with too many compliments, then moving ahead to seduce you with words of which his target is to have you in bed.

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