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Mistakes You Should Never Make in Your Next Relationship

There are certain mistakes we make in a relationship without even being aware. Some of these mistakes are as a result of the feelings we have for our partner, while some were in the bid to eliminate compatibility issues.

No matter what the reason might be, these mistakes are costly in actuality and the fact that your previous partner never took them seriously doesn’t mean the new one won’t. Just take note of the mistakes in you new relationship.

1. Stop Being Clingy: your previous partner may have been cool with it but believe me when I tell you that it is one of the worst mistakes anyone would make in a relationship. It’s annoying and highly irritating to have a girlfriend that never stops running around you or calling your 24/7 even while at work. For some people it’s romantic but for many it is annoying, so endeavour to avoid it entirely.

2. Stop Trying to Change the Person’s Personality: he or she is not bound to date you, so there is no need working yourself out just to change the person. It’s uncalled for, allow him or her coexist moreover being in a relationship is not a do or die affair. If his or her character is not compatible with yours, just leave.

3. Having No Time to Spend With Friends and Family: you just got into a relationship and all of sudden, it appears your friends and family members that have been with you from day one,.you sideline them. All you now care about is your newly found boyfriend or girlfriend; that’s madness. Don’t neglect your friends or family members for any relationship. Take all of them along.

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