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Dear Ladies, Your Boyfriend Might Get Married to You, If He Shows These Signs

If you have been in a relationship with your boyfriend for a long time but can say for sure what his plans are, you are not alone. Some guys can date you for a very long time without actually making their plans very clear to you but there are certain things a guy who is planning to marry you will do; what’s that?

In this article, we are going to have a look at some signs your boyfriend wants to marry you. If after reading this article, you find out that he has done or asked you any of things going to be mentioned here, then be merry.

1. He Introduces You to his Parents: guys don’t introduce the lady they are not planning to marry to their parents. It is very rare to see a play boy introducing his girlfriend to his parents because he has no plan to marry her. So if your boyfriend has introduced you to his parents, just know you have gotten to the semi finals.

2. He Visits Your Parents: when a guy does this, he is almost ready to do the necessary activities for the marriage to kick off. Guys don’t walk courageously to the house of their girlfriend just for fun. Most get married to the lady, not long after this introduction.

3. He Asks You to The Perfect Age for Marriage: when a guy asks this question, he is not just asking to know but to know whether you are actually ready to get married. He wants to know the age you regard as perfect for marriage to know whether it’s time.

4. He Tells You He wants to Grow Old With You: this is another thing guys often say when they are getting ready to tie the knot with their girlfriends. If your boyfriend starts discussing deep things with you and starts talking about his future with you inside, there is a high chance he wants to get married to you.

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