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Ways of Making Your Girlfriend Smile When She is Angry With You

Do you know that you can actually make your girlfriend move from being mad at you to being happy with you? This is very much possible and also quite easy but the problem most of us have is, our ego is usually too high.

In this article, we are going to have a look at the three ways of making your girlfriend smile whenever she is angry with you. The information in this article, will be super important to you as you engage in romantic relationships with ladies. Just sit tight and enjoy this article.

1. Hug Her: in the heat of the argument of fuss, there is one way to calm the storm and also relax the tension; which way is that? By hugging her. If you hug your girlfriend when you both are in a heated argument or fight, her anger will certainly subside unless the situation is too serious. Hug her passionately and see her anger turn to emotional and subsequently love.

2. Take Her Out; another way to quench her anger in a serious fight is taking her out. Just as the saying goes, the way to a man’s belly is his stomach, it is also the same for ladies and you can use it to quench her anger. Just take her out and allow her eat her favourite food and then watch her anger subside after sometime.

3. Don’t Shout At Her Even if She Shouts At You, Instead Apologise: this is another trick you can use to quench her anger but very few guys actually know this. Instead of shouting at her back when she is shouting, be low and calmly tell her that you’re truly sorry for everything and then watch her calm down. She might not do so immediately but after sometime she will certainly calm down. 

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