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4 Sweet Things You Should Always Say to Your Girlfriend

Girls are naturally moved by what they hear and not what they see. If you have a girl in your life either your girlfriend or someone you are working towards making your girlfriend, learn how to use your tongue powerfully and see her dancing to your music.

When I say using your tongue, I don’t mean lying to her, but always compliment her if need be. These things melt the heart of most if not all ladies. But the question is, how do you make her feel special without actually sounding fake? Keep reading this article for the sweet things you can say to your girlfriend.

1. I love Listening to Your Voice: you can say this to her if you enjoy listening to her while she is talking. If you love her voice, then there is no better to way to compliment her than saying this. It will go a long way in making her feel special.

2. Your Presence Lights Up my Mood: you can tell her this, if she works in the same office as you or maybe same school. Immediately she greets you in the morning or whenever you meet, just let her know that her presence makes you feel happy and better.

3. I Will Help you in anyway I Can: this is another magic phrase you can use on your girlfriend or someone you love. If you reassure her that you will always be there for her, anytime she needs you, it will certainly make her feel better.

4. Your Laughter is the Best Sound I know: this is another lovely way to let her know that you enjoy seeing her laugh. By virtue of a lady’s nature, telling her this will make her feel more comfortable and original around you, since everything about her intrigues you.

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