Countries Where WhatsApp is Banned Totally

Do you know that there are certain countries in the world that WhatsApp is not allowed to run? Yes and these countries are also powerful countries of the world yet, their government for one reason or the other banned the Operations of WhatsApp and some other messaging applications.

In this article, we are going to have a look at five (5) countries where you cannot use WhatsApp to communicate even as a visitor. This will enable you better appreciate the country you are in, we are privileged no matter how we look at it.

1. Cuba

Cuba is surprisingly the first on the list of countries that don’t allow WhatsApp to run. The government of Cuba placed a restriction on WhatsApp and some other internet messaging applications not because of security or political reasons but because of the alarmingly high cost of data. It is believed that the cost of using WhatsApp and some other internet messaging apps is sometimes above the Salary of an Average Cuban Citizen.

2. China

WhatsApp was banned from operating in China sometime in 2017 during the country’s political season and surprisingly hasn’t been uncensored till date. Reports have it that WhatsApp was banned because of its strong encryption that prevents the Chinese government from monitoring communication of her citizens. Other reports also have that the ban was placed on WhatsApp to promote the use of the country’s indigenous messaging app, WeChat.

3. Iran

Iran is also one of the countries to totally block the activities of WhatsApp in the country. Though there hasn’t been any evidence or reason behind the restriction; though it is believed to be because of security and politics.

4. Syria

Syria is also one of the countries WhatsApp is not allowed to run. It is believed that the restriction was because of Political and security reasons. The strong end-to-end encryption prevents the government from tracking communications and as such it is believed that state enemies could plan an attack on the country using the app, hence the ban.

5. North Korea:

North korea is also one of the countries that banned WhatsApp because of its impenetrable end-to-end encryption that prevents the government from monitoring social media communications. So if you ever have plans to visit this country, make arrangements for other means of communication.

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