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3 Reasons Why SMART Ladies Stay Single For Long

Do you know that smart ladies or highly intelligent ladies remain Single for a long time? This is common knowledge and even most guys know this but the reasons for this is quite unknown to guys.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the reasons why smart ladies remain Single for long. It doesn’t mean they don’t get married or get into relationships but it takes longer time because of these Reasons.

1. Interested in Friendship More Than Relationship; most smart and intelligent ladies have this love for friendship more than relationships. They prefer to be with a guy in a friendly note than starting a relationship with the guy because they believe it will be a distraction to their dreams and goals.

2. They Look Intimidating to Guys: most smart ladies are beautiful and when a guys look at them, they feel they are not up to their levels. This in turn leads to longer single time for most of these smart ladies. Guys are generally intimidated by girls that are intelligent not to talk of a very beautiful intelligent and smart lady? That’d be suicidal to approach though.

3. Not Easily Impressed: this is another reason why many smart ladies don’t get boyfriends fast enough. This is because many of them don’t get moved by merely good looks or money but Intelligence and would rarely become friends with you if you are not up to their level in Intelligence and smartness.

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