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Your Current Relationship Will Soon CRASH If You Notice These 3 Signs

Like every other thing in life, there are various signs of knowing whether your relationship will soon crash or hit the rocks. If you are in a relationship and wondering whether the relationship is actually moving forward or about to hit the rocks, then bother no more, just keep reading this article.

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the danger signs that your relationship will soon but the rocks or crash. I am sure you came here to satisfy yourself, so there’s no need rushing, you have all the time to read this article. Do well to share and follow the handle after reading.

1. Your Partner Doesn’t Have Time For You Again: this is one sign that your relationship will soon crash. If someone is in love, he or she will always have time for you. The always busy syndrome kicks in when your partner has grown tired of being with you and looking for excuses to stay away from you.

2. If You Both Can Go Days and Weeks Without Communicating: this is another sign that your relationship will soon crash. When two people are in love, there will always be this burning desire to communicate or keep in touch with his or her partner. But if your relationship has grown cold to the extent that you can go days and weeks without bothering to call your partner, then prepare yourself for the final crash.

3. Intimacy Dies: this is another sign that your relationship will soon hit the rocks. Constant intimacy promotes love and closeness, when you always go intimate with your lover, the bond gets strengthened and the love gets stronger. But if you don’t naturally want to go intimate with your partner again and if he or she feels same way, then know the relationship will soon crash.

4. Forget Your Partner’s Special Days: if you discover that you and your partner no longer cares about your special days i.e. your birthday and some other important dates, then your relationship is about to crash.

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