Stream Netflix Movies With Nutflix Mod App for Free (Download Link Included)

Nutflix Mod App Streaming

In today’s world, everyone wants to stream movies to pass time, while some others want to just enjoy themselves and also forget their sorrows and shortcomings. Movies contribute greatly to our relaxation and enjoyment as long as digital contents are concerned.

Netflix is one of the best streaming Applications but some people find it difficult enjoying the premium movies offered by Netflix because of the subscription. It is often seen as a big man’s thing but to make things easier for us, we have discovered a new mod application that you can use to stream and access most Netflix premium services (as regards movie streaming) for free. The mod app is Nutflix and it’s completely free to Air, you don’t need to subscribe, just buy data and start streaming wonderful collection of movies.

How to Stream Netflix Premium Movies and TV shows For Free Using Nutflix Mod Application;

1. Since it’s an application, the first thing you need to do is Download the Nutflix Application 

2. It’s actually self explanatory, just install the app but if you don’t have telegram App, hop into Google Playstore, download and register with your phone number if you really want to access the Nutflix App. 

3. After installing the app, just launch/Open the Nutflix Mod App and accept the disclaimer that will shown to you upon launching the apk. Below is a screenshot of the disclaimer page.

Nutflix disclaimer page

Once you accept the disclaimer, just select the language you understand and then you will be shown the full dashboard. All you have to do from there is tap on the movie/TV show you want to enjoy and start rocking. There is also an option for category selection, if you are the type of person that enjoys watching horror movies or romance movies, also select and enjoy.

Infact, with the Nutflix Mod Application, there is absolutely no need to subscribe to Netflix or pay huge money just to stream on Netflix. Thanks, share and please join our Telegram Group.

P.S. You Need Data to access any movie or TV show on the Application, it’s only Free-TO-Air; meaning that you don’t need to subscribe monthly or yearly as in Netflix. Enjoy!

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