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Latest Airtel 150mb Cheat Via Stark VPN Reloaded

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For some weeks now, we have not gotten any stable free browsing cheat after the Unlimited Airtel Browsing cheat was blocked. But there’s a little hack available to enable us bypass the 50mb free Airtel Cheat to even use upto 150mb via Stark VPN Reloaded.

This new Airtel Free Browsing Cheat can be tagged the major/stable Free Browsing cheat for August 2021 and will also be enjoyed in the month of September. It involves the use of three config files, one of which is the Airtel 50mb config file, the bypass and then the Airtel Opera daily 50mb. All will be tunneled via the Stark VPN Reloaded App. Below are the requirements;

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Requirements For The Airtel Tweak Via Stark VPN

1. Newly Updated Stark VPN Reloaded – Download From Our Telegram Channel By Clicking HERE

2. Download the Config Files From Our Telegram Channel by Clicking HERE.

3. Finally the ability to to read and understand.

Steps On How To Activate The Airtel Latest Tweaks;

Launch the Stark VPN Reloaded, when you are on the the main interface of the application, you tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner > click on Import Settings, then select the directory where the file was stored starting from the normal 50mb config file downloaded from our telegram channel. {check image for illustration}

Stark VPN Reloaded- Airtel Free Browsing Cheat

2. After importing the first file, close the menu, tap on the list of tweaks and then select IMPORTED SETTINGS, finally, turn on your data connection and start connection.

Airtel Free browsing cheat - Stark VPN Reloaded

Like I stated earlier, you need all the stark config files to power the cheat. When you’re done using the 40-50mb in the first config file, then import the 50mb bypass downloaded from the channel and continue browsing. When it finishes, import the final final file; the Opera 50mb config file and then connect.

That’s how to Enjoy the Airtel 150mb Free Browsing Cheat For August – September 2021.

Credit – CruzTech

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