5g-era.in Review: Legit Or Scam – Get 300 Naira Bonus

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5g-era is a new online earning platform that promises to reward users with interest on any amount deposited on the platform starting from 2,500 naira. Now the issue is that, most of these platforms are investment schemes and as such, getting to know some extra details about them via reviews and publications by websites will give you a better insight as to whether to go ahead or end the journey.

In this 5g-era.in review, we are going to be having a look at some details about 5g-era including the legitimacy of the website i.e. If 5g-era.in is legit or scam, some of the features of 5g-era and many other details about the platform including my personal take or view on the legitimacy of 5g-era.in. if you are the type of person who often participates in this kind of websites because of the tendency to reward participants with quick money, then you should know the importance of online reviews and the role they play in informing potential investors or better put, risk takers.

Without wasting further time, let’s start breaking down this 5g-era.in review to give you the information required to shape your participation on the platform. Let’s start with finding out about the platform and when it was launched.

About 5g-era earning Platform – 5g-era.in review

5g-era.in is a new online earning website that operates in our local currency unlike the many other platforms being launched of recent. This is automatically a good thing because it makes the risk users have to take less. With that being said, 5g-era is ponzi platform that users can make extra money when they deposit money. You earn daily based on the plan you purchased or the amount deposited.

5g-era.in review – When was 5g-era Launched?

When was 5g-era.in launched?

According to my own research, 5g-era.in was launched or created on the 8th of May. This means the platform is just about a week old at the time of publishing this article and if you will ever be interested in participating or depositing money on the platform, the best time is now that it has not lasted too long.

Some people may say, ponzi platforms that have lasted is a good sign; while this could be true, it is also very hazardous to join an online earning platform of this nature when it has lasted Upto a month. Reason is, platforms of this nature grow weak the more they stay and as such, new investors often bear the brunt when the platform eventually collapses. 5g-era.in is no different and would be no different to be honest. If you must join, then do so when the platform is still relatively young.

5g-era.in review – Is 5g-era Legit or Scam

5g-era.in at the moment is not scam. The platform is still paying at the time of publishing this review, so it is out of place to say the platform is scam. Though websites like 5g-era tend to crash in the long run, so make sure you register as early as possible so you don’t end up losing your hard earned money in this harsh economy.

Has 5g-era.in Crashed?

5g-era has not crashed at the moment though the chances it will crash in the near future is certain. It’s as certain as death eventually happening to every living being due to the fact that the interest generated by the platform is not gotten from any business or venture rather, it is gotten from new investors and used to pay old users who are withdrawing.

The point where online earning platforms like 5g-era.in crash is when old users stop depositing more money in the platform after receiving their withdrawals. This ends up creating a huge debt for the platform administrators because new users won’t be able to receive their money when there is less deposits in the platform. Sometimes too, the administrators of ponzi website get greedy along the line and withdraw everything.

Owner of 5g-era.in Online Earning Platform

Currently, no individual has come forth to claim ownership of the platform. Platforms like 5g-era.in are often operated in anonymity by the owner(s) because of the inevitable end of most of the platforms and the fact that people may be looking out for who to vent their frustrations on.

How to Get 300 Naira Bonus On 5g-era.in Online earning Platform

How to get free 300 naira on 5g-era

Currently, 5g-era is giving away a welcome bonus of 300 naira to new users who create accounts. When you get this new user bonus, it will reduce the initial deposit amount that actually comes from your own account.

  • If you are interested and would like to create an account, simply hop into the official website of 5g-era to create an account.
  • The registration process is quite easy and straightforward. You don’t need to be a techie to create an account.
  • After creating the account, you will be immediately given 300 naira, but this cannot be withdrawn as the minimum withdrawal amount is 1,200 naira. What you have to do is recharge i.e. you are interested in the platform.
  • What to gain on 5g-era.in
  • Click on Recharge and proceed to sign buy a plan on the platform. The Mimimum deposit amount on 5g-era.in is 2,500 naira and the maximum amount is 1,000,000.
  • After recharging, you start earning daily. I’ve attached a screenshot of what you stand to gain when you deposit daily and monthly.

How to invest on 5g-era

To invest the amount you deposited, simply click on Investment and you will see the available investment plans, click on the one based on your deposit amount.

5g-era referral program

You earn 30% of whatever your referrals deposit on 5g-era. This is very huge and as such, if you have friends who are also interested in joining online earning platforms, then you can utilize this referral opportunity to earn good money.

My Take On 5g-era.in legitimacy?

Honestly, I wouldn’t advise any one to deposit a high amount on 5g-era. If you must participate, make sure you go for the cheapest plan which is 2,500 Naira because the platform can crash at anytime.

5g-era is not scam for now but you have to thread with caution to avoid losing your hard earned money.


I hope you have learnt something from this 5g-era.in review! If you are interested in joining the platform then there is need to join as early as possible now that the platform is still young.

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