7turtle Games, Review: Earn Up to 10,000 Naira Playing Casino Games

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7turtle is an online casino game that rewards users with cash when they play games. As you may have noticed, we’ve been witnessing a rapid influx of new gaming platforms; all of which claim to pay users who risk their own spare cash to play games in order to earn more money.

While most of them seem to be legit, there are some that have some dubious or potential scam features on their website or app which makes them unsuitable for users. In this article, we will be having a look at 7turtle games, a new gaming platform that claims to pay users money when they deposit and play games daily. We will be touching on many areas starting from how the platform works to the red flags about 7turtle incase you have plans of registering.

How Does 7Turtle Games Work?

How does 7turtle games work?

7turtle is a gaming platform where users have fun and at the same time make some money. But it’s not fun at all, this is just a word used to make these gaming platforms appear not to be fraudulent. There is no fun in staking your own money or risking your own money in the bid to earn more money bearing in mind that you could lose everything.

So users don’t actually come to these gaming platforms to have fun and make money, they basically come to make money with the little they have thus eradicating any chances of it being a fun gaming platform. It’s gambling and no one finds gambling to be interesting, we just do it to make money.

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So that’s basically what 7turtle is about, you come, deposit and play games. You can lose your money while looking for something higher, you have to play it with your spare cash and not the money you intend using to pay school fees or house rent.

Is 7turtle legit or scam?

Is 7turtle games legit?

7turtle is legit in the sense that you will actually be paid when you withdraw. But then, the circumstances surrounding the withdrawal makes it a scam. In my opinion, 7turtle is a scam gaming platform because they have an unrealistic wager that will be discussed elaborately towards the end of this article. So make sure you read on.

How to Create Account On 7turtle to Start Playing Games

To create an account, simply click HERE, the sign up process is as easy as many other gaming platforms you may have signed up for.

What is needed is your phone number, email and the captcha code to confirm if you’re human or a robot. After which, you will be logged into the game to start playing games.

The more games you play, the more money you make. There are numerous games available on 7turtle and some of the available games are;

  • Mines
  •  Crash which is very similar to aviator you’ve probably played before in other gambling or betting sites
  •  Limbo

There are many other games but it’s best for one to play the easy and popular ones that can be utilized to withdraw money faster. The ones mentioned above fit into this category.

But before you can play any game, you have to deposit, simply click on the red envelope icon at the top right corner, select the amount you wish to deposit and proceed. Have it in mind that, you can deposit any amount, just select any amount on the deposit page and when they show you account to pay into, simply send the money you can afford to lose and then confirm.

The added amount will reflect on your dashboard and you can start playing games.

How Does 7turtle Referral Program Work?

You get referral commission from the activities of your referrals or friends. It’s a win-win for people who are able to recruit interested individuals into the platform. But bear in mind that, it’s not a get rich quick scheme, so you should try as much as possible to curtail your greed. There is no way you can have it all.

How to Withdraw From 7turtle Games

7turtle withdrawal proof

To withdraw, still click on the red envelope and select withdraw, enter the amount, fill your withdrawal form and submit. This brings us to the initial wager topic I mentioned at the preliminary parts of this article.

There is a wager on 7turtle and it’s very high pegged at 100,000 naira. This wager means you must place bets or play games worth a cumulative amount of 100,000 before your withdrawal will be approved.

This is scam move by the platform that was intentionally implemented by the administrators to make it really difficult for people to withdraw or qualify for withdrawal.

Other gaming platforms have wagers but it’s never this high. So watch out! Before you deposit, I hope you will be ready to keep winning and winning till you’ve cleared the wager, if not, kindly stay away from 7turtle.

My Personal Take On 7turtle Games

7turtle is a gaming platform that has fraudulent plans or intentions. If you must join, make sure you are ready to lose whatever you deposit because clearing the 100k wager will take days of dedication or intense game playing with high amount for you to clear it.

Secondly, there is no reg bonus. This is very bad as well because other similar platforms have a registration bonus for users to start with and considering the wager requirement for withdrawal, a registration bonus should have also been in place. So it’s another red flag!

7turtle actually pays but it is almost impossible for you to qualify for withdrawal die to the wager amount. So I’d advise you to keep off.

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