Yellow Card Ambassador Promo: How to Get 1,800 ($2) Naira

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Did you know you can get free 1,800 naira on yellow card courtesy of the ambassador promo currently going on? Yellow card is a crypto exchange platform that has been around for sometime and have at several occasions given bonuses to users free of charge and this time around, you can utilize the ambassador promo to get free 1,800!

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to get free 1,800 naira bonus on yellow card application by participating in the yellow card ambassador promo that is going on. Before we get down to how you can get the bonus, it is important to do a brief introduction of what the yellow card ambassador promo is all about and the people who are eligible for the promo as it’s not open to everyone.

About Yellow Card Ambassador Promo

Yellow card ambassador offer

The yellow card ambassador promo is an offer put in place by the platform to reward users who sign up with a particular ambassador code with free 1,800 naira. It’s like a move to expand the platform and bring in more crypto enthusiasts whilst rewarding them for the stress. But you have to sign up with the ambassador code to avoid missing out on the welcome bonus.

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When it comes to the people who are eligible, I think the point has already being made. The yellow card ambassador bonus of 1,600 naira or $2 is only open to new users who create an account with the code, transact and purchase a coin worth at least 500 Naira.  So if prior to reading this article, you don’t have a yellow card account, I’d say you are in luck as this would be your chance to get free bonus that can be withdrawn.

How to Get Free 1,800 Naira via the Yellow Card Ambassador Offer

How to create an account on yellow card

  • First of all, you need to download and install yellow card app from either Google play store or Apple store depending on your device OS.
  • After downloading yellow card, proceed to sign up, if it’s your first time and enter your details starting from your country of residence, name, date of birth, phone number and also complete phone number verification. The registration is just like any other registration you’ve done.
  • While registering, you will be asked to enter a referral code, make sure you paste this code in the box – 67306609 Signing up with the code is compulsory as that is what will either qualify you to get the bonus or not. So make sure there is no omission, copy as it is and paste.
  • Then finalize registration and deposit 500 naira, use it to transact and you will be given 1,800 naira that can be withdrawn after sometime.

What to Know About The Promo

  1. The promo is only open to new users or people who are just downloading yellow card for the first time because you’d need to sign up with the ambassador code attached above.
  2. If you don’t use the code, you won’t receive the welcome bonus of 1,800 naira. That will be a total waste of time.
  3. The bonus is only open to a limited number of users who use the code to create an account. So you need to rush the steps if you really want to get the bonus successfully.

How to Withdraw 1,800 Naira Bonus On Yellow Card App

Follow the steps below to deposit money on yellow card;

How to deposit naira on yellow card

Click on Naira option showing on the dashboard, then click on “Deposit

Then you enter the amount you intend to deposit into your yellow card wallet.

Yellow card is completely safe! Any amount you deposit will be added to your account and then you’d be able to withdraw the money including the welcome bonus to your local bank account.

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