Accumulate Sweatcoins And Get Free Jumia Vouchers & More

Here is all you need to know about Sweatcoin free Jumia voucher offer

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Sweatcoin free Jumia voucher

Are you aware that you can accumulate free Sweatcoins and use them to purchase Jumia Voucher and even Free DStv Subscription? The good thing is that, accumulating Sweatcoins is not even such a big deal, all you have to do is follow the instructions stated in the application.

Some months ago, we found out about Sweatcoin application but due to poor understanding of what the app entails, it was swept under the carpet like every other mushroom applications we’ve dealt with in the past. But after closer look and examination, I was able to uncover some important things about the app that might interest many of us. Guess what that is? The affiliate program or referral program. Before we get down to obtaining the full information, there is need to first of all, understand what the application is all about.

Sweatcoin as the name sounds means accumulating coins from your sweat. This means that, the more you move or walk around, the more coins you accumulate and the coins being accumulated can be used to obtain certain gifts on the app. You can use the coins to purchase free Jumia Vouchers, DStv Subscription and many other things. For you to qualify for all these, you need to partake effectively in the referral program.

How To Get Free Jumia Vouchers On Sweatcoin

The first thing you need to do is download the Sweatcoin application from This Link, you’d be directed to Google playstore to finalize the installation. So there is nothing to worry about.

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After downloading the Sweatcoin application, you now have to sign up, fill your details and proceed to finalize your registration. Once you’re done with registration, you’d be greeted with an option to refer people and get free 2,500 jumia voucher. Below is a screenshot proof.

Sweatcoin referral program

It may seem like an enslavement program but don’t just take it like that, when you refer upto 30 people and pass the test to become an influencer, you will now be able to derive other benefits from your referrals or downlines. Below are some other things you can benefit once you become a full fledged influencer;

Sweatcoin referral rewards

If you want to refer others to the app after registering, just click on the friends icon and copy your referral link. Share to others as well and once you are able to refer 30 people and above, you request for the Jumia voucher and also get access to other numerous benefits.

Note also that, the app is not a referral application, you can also trek or walk and accumulate some sweat coins that are also withdrawable. So don’t leave this page thinking it’s wholly a referral application. Thanks.

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