Admoni Wallet: Get Free 100 Naira Airtime & Upto 5,000

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Admoni is a reward wallet that gives tokens known as ADT when they view video ads on the app on a daily basis. Now this adt is equivalent to naira and can be used to redeem either airtime, pay bills, shop on the app; though the shopping feature is still in the works. There is also an interesting aspect of program on admoni which can be utilized by sharp individuals to earn the most from the app.

In this article, we will be finding out how you can get free airtime on admoni. As the name implies is a reward app that gives users free ADT when they view ads and complete simple steps. The app uses ones location to come up with best type of redemption outlets for the user. Now if you wish to earn the most from admoni, you can make use of the referral program to earn enough ADT that can readily be used to purchase airtime.

How Does Admoni Referral work?

Admoni wallet free airtime

Admoni Referral scheme rewards users who refer their friends and family with free 50 Naira of which, the referred user also gets free 50 Naira/ ADT. This is where the best part comes in, you can self refer as many as possible as long as you have many SIM cards and follow the steps going to be discussed here strictly.

Admoni paused their referral program for sometime but I just confirmed that the referral reward is back and there is no better time to capitalise than now that the platform is paying swiftly.

How to Get Free 100 Naira Airtime On Admoni

  • Click HERE and you will be redirected to play store to download the admoni Wallet, simply download and register on the app.
  • While registering, ensure Ericksson is showing in the referral column as this is what guarantees your reception of the welcome bonus. A code will be sent to your phone number to confirm your account. When you are done with the initial sign up process, you will be given free 50 adt, use it to buy airtime instantly.

How to Accumulate Unlimited Airtime On Admoni Wallet

Having gotten the welcome bonus, the next step is to accumulate and to do this, you need many Sims. I know some of my viewers have alot of sims, so get to work with the Sims.

  • Download Multi Space from Play Store and launch the app. Clone the app into as many places as you want or have Sims for and then proceed to create accounts.
  • While creating the accounts, ensure you make use of your first account’s username as referral code to get free 50 ADT referral bonus and welcome bonus from each account.
  • You get 50 Naira worth of ADT on your new account and 50 Naira referral bonus on your main account as long as you used the username as referral code.

How to Redeem Your ADT as Airtime On Admoni Wallet

How to redeem admoni token as airtime

To redeem your airtime on admoni, simply click on Mobile Top Up, select the network > select 5-50,000 Naira from the list and then enter any amount starting from 5 naira to 100 naira. Enter your phone number and submit.

The airtime will be instantly credited to your airtime balance but there are some rules you should know too. The maximum amount you can redeem from your admoni Wallet daily is 100 naira airtime. So if you accumulate up to 10,000 adt, it will take you 100 days to withdraw everything with the daily 100 naira airtime purchase.

But since it’s free, there is absolutely nothing to lose. Join my telegram channel and group for more interesting freebies updates.

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