Afroeye Research Panel: Get Free Airtime Daily By Answering Surveys

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Afroeye research panel is a survey website that respondents can utilize to get free airtime whilst sharing their ideas, opinions, and feedback concerning products. It takes little to nothing for one to share his or her opinions as this is what we do on a daily basis but it’s very interesting when it’s done for an incentive or reward as is the case on afroeye research panel.

In this article, we are going to be introducing afroeye research panel, a market research platform in Africa as the name implies and it’s currently available for some African countries of which, Nigeria is included. If you have been following our numerous updates on survey platforms, then you can see this as an addition to the number of survey websites or platforms at your disposal. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to how you can get started i.e. create account on afro eye research panel and start getting free airtime for sharing your views.

About Afroeye Research Panel

Afroeye research panels review

Afroeye research panel is a survey platform that aims at rewarding users with free airtime when they complete surveys on a regular basis. From the name, afro- it is a purely indigenous African survey platform that was designed for African nations.

But due to their age or how long they’ve been in the market research system, they are only available in few African countries. This means only people in these countries can become respondents and start making money or airtime on the platform.

Countries Afroeye Research Panel Works In

Countries Afroeye Research works in

  1. Nigeria
  2. Tanzania
  3. South Africa
  4. Ghana
  5. Rwanda

These are just few of the countries whose citizens can register on afroeye Research and start accumulating reward points. If you are not a citizen of the available countries, then there is need to come back later because the platform is still growing and new countries are being added.

How to Get Started On Afroeye Research

How to create an account on afroeye research panel

  • To become a respondent on afroeye research, you need to create an account and to this, simply hop into their official registration page.
  • The registration is quite simple, all you need to enter are your basic details such as name, email, phone number, date of birth etc. After which a one time password will be sent to your registered email.
  • You will be required to log into your account using this one time password and then immediately change it by clicking on the update password available on your dashboard. This is done to ascertain your ownership of the email entered while creating the account.

After verification, the next step is to hang around and wait for surveys to start accumulating points that can be used to purchase airtime.

How to Get Free Airtime On Afroeye Research Panel

To get free airtime, you’d need to complete surveys and to do this, make sure you sign into the account on a daily basis. The reason is that, sometimes surveys might be available and you wouldn’t be informed via mail.

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So it is highly advisable for one to log in at least every three to four days whether or not survey invitations are sent out or not. Some surveys are only available for a specific number of hours and as such you need to be at alert.

How long Does it take before Afroeye research survey points get credited?

According to the information on afro eye research FAQ page, the survey points can get credited in a couple or days after completion of the survey. Sometimes survey points are credited after the end of the study which means it may take a while before you are credited with the points earned from any survey.

Is Afroeye Research survey legit?

Afroeye research panel

Afroeye research survey is legit. If you answer surveys and accumulate points Upto the minimum withdrawal amount, you will be paid and the payment method is through airtime purchases. There is currently no way to withdraw cash as there is no option to add Paypal email.

Respondents are primarily rewarded via airtime when they complete surveys and accumulate points up to the minimum threshold for payment.

Afroeye Research login 

If you want to login to your account simply follow their panel login url via this link – to sign into your account and start completing surveys.

What’s the Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 points which is equivalent to $1 worth of airtime. So once you have earned up to 100 points, you can quickly place withdrawal and your airtime will be credited to your line.

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