Ai-Bo WhatsApp Bot: Complete Surveys And Get Free Airtime

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Ai-Bo WhatsApp survey bot was founded in collaboration with The Delta, a local venture builder. The main goal of AI-BO’s mission is to help lower the barriers to entry for SA’s startup ecosystem when validating business and product ideas. AI-BO works like every other survey platform, the only difference is that, you get to complete the surveys at your convenience in your own personal space without having to open your emails or click on links that often times disqualify respondents.

In this article, we are going to be having a look at how you can complete surveys on WhatsApp and get credited with free airtime via Ai-Bo research platform. Like I said, it’s not like other survey platforms or applications you have probably tried in the past, so it has an entirely different pattern of operation.

What’s AI-BO Surveys About?

AI-BO is a south African based research platform that allows businesses to create surveys to their targeted audience through WhatsApp. As we all know, WhatsApp is arguably the biggest social messaging application in the world with millions of users in many countries including Nigeria and other African nations.

So reaching potential respondents via WhatsApp is very convenient and interesting. Best part is, you don’t have to create any account as obtainable in many other survey/research platforms. The goal is for businesses to survey their targeted audience through WhatsApp in the bid to democratize research by delivering insightful data to small businesses in just 2-3 days. In this piece, we’d be answering some questions, therefore, I’d suggest you grab a popcorn and read till the end.

How to Get Free Airtime On AI-BO WhatsApp Survey

Ai-Bo surveys

  • It doesn’t have a rigorous sign up process that involves very personal details such as email address like other survey applications.
  • All you have to do is message the verified Ai-Bo WhatsApp number/bot and message the bot to start the onboarding process.
  • You will be asked a couple of questions such as gender, name, date of birth(which they claim would be used to reward respondents on their birthdays). After signing up via the WhatsApp bot, you will be given an option to either Opt in for surveys, simply select this option.
  • Opt in for notifications, so whenever there is a new survey, you will be alerted on WhatsApp to fasten the process of completing surveys and getting paid.

How to Withdraw Airtime From AI-BO WhatsApp Survey

Ai-Bo WhatsApp airtime payment

The survey rewards are credited few days after completion of the survey on WhatsApp. So you can’t really withdraw, all you have to do is complete survey and the airtime will be sent to your line after a couple of days. There is no known way to make it faster, you just have to wait.

How Often Are AI-BO WhatsApp Surveys?

The surveys are regular to a good extent as long as your profile matches what they are looking for and it is also important for me to mention that, you need to be wise as well.

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WhatsApp rules are kind of funny these days, so immediately you message the bot on WhatsApp, save the number to avoid being temporarily banned from using WhatsApp for a day or two. It is therefore important that you also take precautionary measures to safeguard your account.

Is AI-BO WhatsApp Surveys Legit?

Ai-Bo WhatsApp research platform is legit. Various people in my group have completed surveys and received their airtime. Best part is surveys are regular, as long as your profile matches what they are looking for.

Sequel to the above, you need to fill a mature profile. Don’t go and tell the WhatsApp bot, you are under 18 as most surveys are targeted at adults and for you to qualify to even be sent a notification, your profile must match what the business conducting the surveys through AI-BO is looking for.

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