Aimining Review: How I Earned Over 430k With 21 USDT

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Aimining full review and how I earned over 430k

It may come as a surprise to you that I earned over 430k with just 21 usdt investment on Aimining. Yes, it’s not one of the regular reports you see on the internet, it’s actually real and in this piece, you are going to be finding out how that was made possible and also some tips to enable you kick-start your own earning journey.

Aimining was launched early this year and since then the platform has been paying people who invest effortlessly with no excuses. On Aimining, as long as you have invested and what you deposited has matured i.e. usually after 20 days, you are eligible to place withdrawal for which payment arrives instantly.

What is Aimining All About?

Aimining is an online earning platform that provides users the opportunity to deposit money in crypto currency i.e. USDT and earn back some profit after a period of 20 days. Unlike many other earning platforms that require the investors or users to always complete some tasks on a daily basis, Aimining is completely stress-free.

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What every one is required to do is just deposit the amount you intend to use in buying one of the advanced miners, activate the miner and then log back in after 20 days to meet your profit and initial deposit. You can also track the earnings on a daily basis if you so wish.

Now having known some of the key things about Aimining platform, below is the step-by-step guide on how to start your own money making journey.

How to Start Earning On Aimining Platform

1. Register on Aimining via their official website – HERE if you don’t have an account already.

2. The registration is very simple and brief, but you must have a WhatsApp account as that is where you will request for an OTP from their customer service before completing the registration.

3. After registration, you will be eligible to activate a free miner, which fetches a new user $4 usdt after a period of 20 days. This is like a test deposit put in place by the platform to show users how to activate miner and how the platform earning plan works.

But due to the extortion of money via illegal means, the platform has stopped users from withdrawing the experience fund or miner 0 till they have activated one of the advanced miners.

The revenue generated from the free miner still remains yours to hold as long as you have activated an advanced miner. Below is a screenshot of how to activate the free miner first of all;

Activate free miner on Aimining

4. Once you have activated the free miner, it’s time to activate or purchase an advanced miner from the platform. The minimum deposit amount for purchasing the advanced miners is 21 usdt – which is equivalent to 16,000+ using Aimining’s conversion rate.

Aimining advanced miners

Before you purchase any of the miners, you have to deposit the amount you intend to start with. If you have plans to only activate the miner 1, then you have to deposit 21 usdt, not to worry, there is provision for payment using your debit card.

So just head back to the home page, click on Deposit, enter the 21 USDT and select Bank card in the list the last option. Below is a screenshot 

How to deposit on Aimining platform

If you don’t feel like using the bank card option, you can also deposit via usdt TRC20 i.e. there is Upto 21 usdt or more in your crypto wallet. Whichever way pleases you, Aimining has got you covered.

When you are done, depositing, the next step would be to purchase one of the miners, on the home page again, you will see the advanced miners, select the first one which costs 21 usdt and buy. After buying the miner, click on activation on the next page you see for the miner to start running.

How to activate miner on Aimining

That’s it for how to activate an advanced miner on the Aimining platform. The higher your miner, the more money you make. The 21 usdt miner will fetch you 5 USDT profit after 20 days coupled with the free miner which is 4.5 usdt totalling a profit of about 10 usdt with an option for you to reinvest the 21 usdt used in purchasing advanced miner in the first instance.

I bet you are wondering how I was able to make such amount with 21usdt, worry no more. I leveraged on the referral incentive of Aimining. When it comes to referral incentive, Aimining has got one of the best I’ve ever witnessed.

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On Aimining, referring new users also comes with some bonuses which come in as some percent of your referrals daily mining income. Let’s say, your referrals register and activate the free miner, you will start earning daily from whatever income the free miner generates for them and Upto 455 Naira after 20 days.

But if your referrals activate the free miner and also proceed to purchase the advanced miners, you get a much higher reward because some rebates will be entering your wallet each day as their income increases.

So that’s how I was able to earn such amount of money, I invested most time into referring new users to the website.

Most interesting aspect is that, once they activate the free miner you are entitled to some rebates or bonuses from their income. So there is no excuse for not earning well on Aimining.

All you have to do is invest or purchase the advanced miner and channel your energy to recruiting new users to your account using your referral link to boost your income.


At the time of publishing this article, Aimining is still very much strong and legit. This might change in the future. The publication is just a personal testimony or experience and not a compulsion to join the Aimining platform. Always risk what you can afford to lose.

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