Airtel Everyday ON: Buy 200mb For 60 Naira, 450mb for 120 Naira

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Airtel Everyday on data plans

With the newly introduced Airtel Everyday ON data plans, you can purchase 200mb for just 60 Naira, 450mb for 120 and much more simply by dialing a single code on your device. The Airtel Everyday ON is an initiative put in place by network to ensure that users won’t have to complain that their data finished or got exhausted before the expiry date.

So if you have a monthly fixed budged for internet browsing, the Airtel Everyday ON data plans should be your best bet or choice. Without much beating about the bush, we are going to get down to the full information of how to get 200mb, 450mb for 60 Naira and 120 Naira respectively. Just relax and enjoy this piece while learning something new.

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How to Activate The Airtel Everyday ON data Plans And Buy 200mb for 60 Naira, 450mb for 120 Naira and Others

How to buy Airtel 200mb for 60 Naira and Much more

1. Simply pick up your device and dial *141# and then select 5 – Everyday ON boldly showing in the list of options.

2. You will be shown some data offers for you to choose from and they are as follows;

15gb for 3,000 Naira Plan – You will be given 500mb for 30 days.

45gb for 6,000 Naira Plan – You will be given 1.5gb for 30 days but if you are not able to exhaust the data allocated to you in a day, it will expire and not roll over.

450mb for 120 Naira – You will be given 120mb to surf the web during the day and 330mb as night plan to be used from 11pm.

200mb for 60 Naira – you will be given 50mb to surf the web and 150mb for night surfing.

The advantages of the Airtel Everyday ON data Plans are glaring as well as the disadvantages. You just have to weigh it according to your preferences and know what to do. For me, it’s a nice initiative considering how fast data gets exhausted and the fact that our so called monthly data plans are now weekly plans.


The airtime everyday on data plans are interesting plans set up by Airtel specifically for people who are not super active on the internet and would like to pay a fixed amount of money for data plan purchases. This is because, you get to receive a particular percentage of your data plans on a daily basis till your data validity finishes.

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