Airtel Smartcash Special Data Bundles: Get 2gb for 300 Naira & 1gb for N200

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Airtel smartcash Special Data bundles are data packages that offer users higher data plans for less amount. As an Airtel user who is making use of the smartcash wallet, you can enjoy 1gb for 200 and 2gb for just 300 naira on a daily basis.

Smartcash is a payment service bank powered by Airtel Nigeria and they are known to always conduct giveaway packages to Airtel users. Two weeks ago, they launched the free data promotion that rewards users with free 5gb daily when they deposit money ranging from 2,000 – 50,000 naira on their smartcash wallets.

Smartcash is not just a bank for Airtel users, it’s actually a bank that can be used by users of any network, the only thing is, you can only enjoy the special data Bundles if you are an Airtel user. Below are some of the general features of smartcash that may interest you to know;

  • Transfer Money instantly to any mobile number or Bank accounts.
  • Recharge or Buy Data for you and your loved ones.
  • Pay Electric, Water, Cable TV, Solar, Transport, Postpaid Bills & much more at the convenience of your home.
  • Scan & Pay at merchant outlets.
  • Manage more than one account through one app.
  • Sign-in & do your transactions Securely.
  • Add your transactions as Favorites for quick checkouts.

Now they are offering Airtel users on their app special data plans that can’t be easily gotten on other networks. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the business of today which includes, how you can buy Airtel 2gb for just 300 naira on smartcash and the 1gb for 200 naira data plans.

How to Buy Airtel Smartcash Special Data Bundles (2gb for 300 naira & 1gb for 200)

Airtel smartcash special data Bundles

1. Since the special data Bundles are powered by Airtel smartcash, you need to have an account to use it and the first step to creating a smartcash wallet is downloading their mobile application and creating an account using your Airtel sim.

2. Download Smartcash wallet from either Play Store or App Store and create an account. The account creation process is very simple and straightforward because it does not involve the use of any sensitivity information.

3. After creating the account, sign into your account and click on Buy Bundles, select Special Bundles and then proceed to subscribe to the cheap or affordable data plans.

How Long Does Airtel Smartcash Special Data Bundles last?

How long does Airtel smartcash special data Bundles last?

The 2gb for 300 naira data plan is valid for 2 days while the 1gb for 200 naira is also valid for two days.

The smartcash special data Bundles are daily plans, but at least you will get the full value for your money within the two days.

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