Alertfree Review: Is A Waste Of Time?

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Alertfree Review - is legit or scam?

Alertfree is a new online earning website that claims users can earn money when they watch ads and click on ads but since we’ve in the past seen similar websites, there is need to confirm the legitimacy of any new one before joining. So in this alertfree review, we will be finding out if is a waste of time or it’s really worth the stress.

Before we get down to answering the very important questions about alertfree, we will first go over some few signals that prove whether or not an online task website is legit or scam. So below are some very important signals or indications which should better reveal whether is legit or scam.

Signs An Online Earning Website May Not Be Legit

  • High minimum withdrawal – online earning websites with very few ways or means of earning, yet very high minimum withdrawal are usually scam. This is a trick used by the website owner(s) to ensure users don’t reach minimum withdrawal no matter how hard they try.
  • Websites that claim to have a particular date of payment. This is used by some free task website to make users view ads or perform tasks endlessly while waiting for an unrealistic payment date. They do this to earn the most from ignorant users especially websites that claim users earn by clicking adverts, they rake up ad revenue and when it’s time for payment, they ghost on users.
  • Free” Websites that claim users get paid by viewing ads are mostly scam. I have never seen a free click2earn website or ad viewing website that’s legit especially when they are completely “free”. The paid ones are ponzi schemes in most cases, using Peter’s money to pay Paul; which is also unrealistic and unsustainable.

Having seen some of the indicators of whether a website is scam or legit, let’s get down to the full gist; which is alertfree review and it is intended that at the end of the review, you should be able to decipher the answer to the question, is a waste of time?

About Alertfree

Alertfree with the url is a a click2earn website where users get paid or accumulate some money when they view ads or click on ads. The earning doesn’t end there, you also get to earn money from referring new users to the platform.

According to my research, was officially launched on the 5th of February with the domain name expiry date being February, 2025. There is no face or identity behind the platform( not new though) most of these online task earning website usually have no known owner.

How to Earn Money On

There are three main ways of earning money on alertfree like I stated earlier, but for the sake of this review, I will break it down in a more detailed manner.

1. Watching ads – according to what I saw on the ads page, you have to view 25 ads in a day to earn the most. Each ad has a fixed amount of 50 naira. So calculate 50 naira × 25 = any answer it gives, is the amount you will earn in a day from watching the ads.

2. Click2earn – this is another way to earn money and it’s also related to the annoying ads. You have to click on ads to earn money.

3. Referring new Users to Alertfree – you earn 250 naira for each active referral you bring to the website. This is by far the easiest and most straight forward way of earning money on alertfree.

Alertfree Sign Up Process/Steps

  • Firstly hop into the alertfree Sign up page and fill your bank account information such as bank name, name and account number. It’s weird but those are the first details to fill while signing up.
  • After filling the bank account details, you enter your name and other personal details, then you will submit.
  • You will see a notification that your account has been created successfully. Login with your username and password.

All new users get free 1,100 naira as a startup bonus but this bonus can’t be withdrawn, I feel it’s a motivating amount to enable you perform tasks or view ads.

How to start earning money on alertfree

To earn money, simply click on click2earn or watch ads as shown in the screenshot to start completing tasks. Like I said, you have 25 ads to view of which, you earn 50 naira per ad.

Another way to earn money is to start referring new users. To get your referral link, scroll down abit while on your dashboard to see your referral link. Copy and share to friends to earn 250 naira for each person.

Alertfree Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Coming down to the perhaps the most important question, one that should define this alertfree review, is the platform in question legit or scam? Well, the short answer is no. is not just scam but a pure waste of time.

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This is a simple answer for people who have short attention span or people who are seeking a direct answer to the question. But for people who would like to know my reason for tagging the platform a waste of time, kindly sit tight and read the information below;

The first reason why I said alertfree is a scam and waste of time is, the platform doesn’t pay users when they place withdrawal, you would have to wait till 27th of the month to receive payment. Recall that this is one of the signs a platform is scam. They intentionally fix a date to make sure gullible users watch ads for a whole month only to be ghosted when it’s time for payment. Most of these websites are launched for the sole purpose of generating ad revenue with no true intentions to pay anybody a dime. It’s same thing, did and never paid anyone till date.

Alertfree review

Secondly, there is a common payment proof being flaunted by people who claim the website is paying, but come to think of it, a website that was launched on the 5th of February that claims payment is on 6 & 27th, how did the payment proof with “alertfree payout” description come about? It’s funny, how low these websites administrators can go just to deceive who wants to be deceived. There is is no real proof of payment and even if alertfree proves me wrong, it will have to come at a much later date (27th of February). After their payday, we will talk better, but for now, there is no indication that the platform is real.

Alertfree is just a spam site with so many pop up ads. Even when you’ve not started viewing ads to earn, you’re forced to view highly intrusive pop up ads which is typical of a spam website created for ad revenue.

Alertfree minimum withdrawal is 15,000 naira. Another sign of scam website, the minimum withdrawal is on the high side making it really difficult or impossible for users to attain.

So from what you’ve read so far in this alertfree review, don’t you think is a waste of time? Do you still want to go ahead?

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