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Do you know you can earn money by answering surveys on premise application? There are many survey platforms out there but very few are actually paying. Premise happens to be one of the survey platforms that is actually less stressful and also very rewarding if you take it seriously. The good thing about premise is that, the surveys always come and you don’t have to spend your whole day on the application to earn some cents.

In today’s article, I am going to walk you through the ways of earning via the premise application. In 2019, I joined premise application and also earned alot via airtime from the app by simply answering some brief survey questions without having to use any form of VPN. But things got harder along the line, when they increased minimum withdrawal and for the fact that, I was busy with studies then, I had to sideline it.

Recently, I stumbled upon a post about the survey application again and thought it wise to have a look at what the premise app gives now and shockingly, they have improved in various ways, the surveys are now plenty, the locate tasks are now much more easier than it used to be. So below is a breakdown on how to earn some cents from premise app.

How to Answer Surveys And Earn Money From Premise Application

Like I stated in the introductory part of this article, Premise Application is a survey platform and as such, you basically earn by answering some simple brief surveys. They give Amy surveys at the same time with each of them having a 12 Naira price tag.

To get started, you need to download the Premise Application from Google Playstore 

The sign up process is very simple, you can decide to sign up using your social media handles or fill the form manually. There is no referral program for now, so you have nothing to worry about as regards entering any code or whatever.

When you are done signing up, you will be shown some introductory surveys to attend to, just answer the surveys accurately and snap the selfie you may be required to snap as there is also a reward for that.

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Besides answering surveys, you can earn a much more reasonable income from doing the locate tasks. You may be asked to locate a garden or farm, take a picture of the farm or garden and answer some very brief questions to get N100. Doing the locate tasks will help you attain the minimum withdrawal threshold on time.

Premise locate tasks

Most surveys and locate tasks take at least 24 hours before the earnings reflect on the balance or payment page. The reason is that, the admins review them manually and reject the unacceptable ones.

How to withdraw Your Revenue From Premise App?

Withdrawal proof of Premise app

The minimum withdrawal currently is N1,900 which is very much attainable if you do the locate tasks. But if you don’t, it may take a long while through surveys because the survey earnings are quite poor. You can withdraw your money via Paga or through airtime purchase.

So if you need cash, just download Paga app and create an acct that you can use to withdraw your earnings from premise.

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