Appinio App Review – Complete Surveys and Earn $10

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Appinio app review

Appinio is a survey App where you can earn $10 and even as much as $100 via PayPal or Amazon voucher/gift cards simply by answering surveys. Survey platforms are the go-to if you want to make money currently in 2023 from the internet and the good thing is that, Appinio provides its users with numerous surveys on different categories.

In this appinio app review, we are going to have a look at how to earn $10 and even as much as $100 simply by answering surveys. But before we get down to business, there is need to first of all mention the requirements needed to make money from this survey platform.


  1. You need to read our article on how to download any app from Play store whether or not such an application is available in Nigeria or not.
  2. Secondly, you need to have a virtual private network, the best according to what we have experienced is Psiphon Pro VPN which can be gotten from play store.
  3. Once you are done die loading Psiphon VPN, launch the app and connect. Then go back to the appinio app and proceed with registration.

Appinio App Review – Is Appinio App Legit Or Scam?

Appinio app is a legit survey app that pays users instantly upon completion of the surveys. Immediately you hit the threshold which is $10, you can place withdrawal and it will be immediately transferred to your PayPal wallet.

For me, the only downside of using appinio is the PayPal payment method. Not everyone knows how to create a PayPal account that receives and sends money and as such, people who are in PayPal restricted areas may have some issues withdrawing their money from the appinio survey app.

How to Earn $10 From Appinio Surveys

  • Now to the main topic, you need to download Appinio Survey application from HERE
  • Make sure you follow the instructions mentioned above before clicking on the link to download Appinio Survey application from Play store, so you don’t meet an error that the item doesn’t exist in your country. The registration is very easy, just download the Application and proceed to create your own profile, enter your email address and desired password.
  • Appinio doesn’t stress users with verification, so you just have to enter email and password then proceed to registration. Once you are done registering, you will be shown a number of polls and surveys, the good thing about Appinio is that, they can provide you with surveys that pay as huge as 800 points, 700 points and so on, so it won’t really take time before you make something reasonable on the application, as long as you don’t violate any rules like answering surveys carelessly.

  • All you need to do is ensure you answer surveys correctly and not randomly because they ask some survey questions and intentionally ask you to pick an option to know if you are actually following or just hastily answering to accumulate points. If you keep failing the survey tests, they will stop giving you surveys and also deduct your points. So make sure you answer surveys correctly and also attend to the numerous polls in the app as that is the only way you can rise in level.

How to Qualify For More Appinio Surveys

There are 50 levels on the app and each of them have special benefits and rewards. So if you are able to answer the polls popping up on your account and also treat your surveys seriously, you will rise in level pretty quick and start enjoying more dividends.

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To climb up the ladder and become higher in level, you must complete community polls. As a matter of fact, immediately you register, you must complete certain number of polls before you qualify for your first ever survey. So answering polls on appinio is not really a thing of choice, it’s more like something you have to do is you’re interested in making money on the app.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings From Appinio Survey App

Payment proof of Appinio Survey application

  • The minimum withdrawal on Appinio is 10,000 points which is equivalent to $10. You can accumulate this in a day or two if you are very dedicated to the app and to the polls showing on your account because the more you answer polls, the more you rise in level and an increment in level means more survey recommendation and more points.
  • Besides the survey part, you can also earn via referring others with your referral link but your referral must also show seriousness before you can cash out. If you refer someone and he or she gets to level 14 on the app, you get rewarded with $1.5 dollars. This is another fast way to withdraw lots and lots of cash from Appinio but you must be ready to work and not to hit and run.

We’ve come to the end of this appinio app review. Incase you’re looking for a way to earn some money online through surveys, don’t hesitate to give appinio a trial. Enjoy and feel free to share this article to friends.

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