BabyCatly Review – Is Scam? (Honest Answer)

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Babycatly review

Babycatly claims to be the new meme token in the works and for some reasons, people have started looking into the platform due to it’s similarities with the defunct catly. Babycatly was launched sometime last month and they came with the same ideology and website appearance as the crashed catly, so in this article, we will be having a look at a review of babycatly, is it scam or legit?

In this babycatly review like I said, we will be finding out if is legit or scam?, how to sign up on the website and the red flags about the platform everyone who has plans of purchasing the presale of the so called meme token, $babycatly should have in mind. In order not to waste more time, let’s get down to the business of the day, which is reviewing babycatly!

About Babycatly

Babycatly claims to be a crypto project that is currently doing presale with their meme token known as $babycatly. If you purchase the token at this time, you earn 3% of whatever amount of usdt you used in purchasing it for a period of 3 weeks, after which you can now withdraw the money to your external crypto wallet.

While this is what they claim to be, personally speaking, I have a different opinion of what babycatly is about. Babycatly is a crypto investment website that is a direct copy cat of the defunct catly; promising same features and even using same script used by the old platform. It’s a potential scam that is out there for users to fall prey to because they have same features of catly that scammed users some months ago. So if you have plans of registering on babycatly, don’t allow the information on their website or twitter page fool you.

Babycatly Review – Is Legit or Scam?

Babycatly is a scam project. There is no two ways about it. All indicators point to the fact that babycatly is scam. Starting from the copycat nature of the website, the owners lack creativity as they copied even the name of the defunct catly to the extent that there is an option to import the previous balance of catly to the new platform.

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This is a shady move to give some unsuspecting users false hope of recovering the money they lost in the previous platform. This is not going to happen, incase you are contemplating registering and purchasing the babycatly token in the bid to regain what you lost in catly, better think again. Towards the end of the year, it isn’t abnormal for scam platforms to sprout from all angles to swindle ignorant and greedy individuals.

Stay away from babycatly, the platform is not original, the website looks fake and there is no known owner of the site should things go wrong as was the case with catly. So there is literally no reason for a user to deposit or even near babycatly.

When Was Babycatly Launched?

When was babycatly launched?

Babycatly website was registered on the 21st of October, 2023 according to the information on Whois. The information of the registrant is withheld for privacy but for a platform sharing very similar characteristics as an earlier scam, there was need for babycatly to reveal the owner(s) of the platform at least to clear the air as to whether they can be trusted or not.

So it’s clear from this information that babycatly is a scam platform. A financial platform should have a known owner because when people lose money, they will need major explanations but Ponzi schemes often hide the identity of the owners to prevent being sued or even exposed.

How to Create An Account On Babycatly 

If you wish to create an account on babycatly, hop into their website and sign up with your details. There is no verification so feel free to use any email address.

How to claim 500 $babycatly airdrop

After signing up, click on token and then claim the 500 $babycatly airdrop which would involve using your Binance Pay ID and also following their twitter profile. After claiming the free airdrop, it will start generating extra rewards for you and will be unlocked at a later date. But that’s where you should call it a quit indefinitely because proceeding to purchase the babycatly token with usdt and staking for 21 days will certainly end up in regret.

Even if some users are able to withdraw, one thing is for sure, the platform will get weak even faster or earlier than the previous catly because Ponzi schemes are sustained by the deposits of new users but in a situation where people don’t even trust a scheme enough to deposit money, the chances of paying those who staked money will be very low. In all you do, make sure you don’t deposit money on babycatly. It’s a copycat fraud!

Babycatly Red Flags

Since this is an honest review of babycatly, I still have to state some of the major red flags to take note of;

1. Babycatly is simply a copycat of catly. The only difference is the Baby added before catly and it shows very little creativity on the part of the administrators. Endeavour to stay away from the platform as this is more than enough reasons to run.

2. There are numerous referral levels. The referral program works in similar way as the crashed catly. You earn from first level, second, third, fourth etc. A platform that intends to even last a week shouldn’t have such chain of referral reward. This shows the owner didn’t even examine or have in-depth analysis of the cause of crash of the platform he or she wants to replicate.

3. The platform has been in existence for more than month, yet no withdrawal proof anywhere. It shows the platform is not paying. Enough reason to stay away from it, I guess?

If you enjoyed this babycatly review and would like me to review some other online platforms, just drop the names in the comment section.

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