Banggame Review: Is Scam Game? Find Out

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Banggame review

Banggame is an online casino and sports betting platform where users can earn money when they play games or predict matches after depositing money. For weeks now I have been seeing various adverts about banggame, so I decided to check out the gaming website and this banggame review is the result of my analysis.

In this article, we will be reviewing banggame, a casino gaming website where users can double or triple their initial deposits when they play games such as aviator, fortune tiger and many other games on a daily basis. Like I said, banggame is not just casino gaming, you can also do sports betting and if your predictions turn out to be accurate, your stake will be increased by any set amount. But do you know the interesting aspect in all these, banggame is giving free 2,000 naira bonus, don’t get too excited though, there is a condition.

About Banggame

Banggame is an online casino gaming and sports betting platform where users can earn more money when they play some of the casino games or they stake money in football matches. There are myriad of games available on banggame in different categories such as;

  • Live games
  • Casino games
  • Slots

In fact, there is enough games for every audience, so if you are not a fan of casino, you can go for the one that suits you.

Banggame Sign Up Process & How to Get Free 2,000 Naira Bonus

How to get free 2000 naira casino bonus on banggame

Firstly, to sign up or create an account, you need to hop into banggame website and click on Sign up. Fill the form with your working phone number as there is otp verification

A code will be sent to your phone number to confirm registration after which, you will be logged into the main dashboard and given free 2,000 naira casino bonus.

What the casino bonus means is that, it can only be used to play select games. When I tried playing with the bonus, they only availed two games that I can use the free casino bonus to play; which is a major turn off for people who register solely for the free bonus.

To access the bonus, simply click on the profile icon, then you will see the 2,000 naira casino bonus sitting on your account, while if you want to use it, click on the casino bonus and tap on use. Check the screenshot below for better understanding incase you’re lost.

How to use banggame free 2,000 naira casino bonus

Then select either either of the games shown to you. Since it’s a free bonus, your choices are limited unless you plan on depositing money to play more games which isn’t bad.

Play any of the games and if you’re lucky you may earn more money and even earn enough to place withdrawal.

How to Deposit On Banggame

If you want to deposit after registering, click on the deposit button showing at the center of your dashboard, proceed to select amount starting from 200 naira.

According to the information on the deposit page, users are eligible for 200% deposit bonus which is very high and interesting. Deposit money and start playing games.

Banggame Withdrawal Steps

Banggame Withdrawal Steps

To withdraw money from banggame, simply click on profile tab, then select withdrawal. But for you to withdraw, you must wager the deposit amount fully in bets and as such, you will only be allowed to withdraw whether bonus or real deposits, you have to bet the whole amount.

Let’s take for instance, you deposit 5,000 naira to play games, you won’t be able to withdraw the 5,000 naira until you’ve used the whole amount cumulatively to play bet and then the winnings can be withdrawn.

Minimum withdrawal on banggame is 100 naira to 999,999 naira. Which means even if you won 100 naira from the bet or game played, you can readily withdraw the money to your bank account but bear in mind that your account name or details must tally with the name on your profile otherwise withdrawal may fail.

Banggame Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Banggame is a legit online sports prediction and casino website. The only thing I noticed is that, banggame seems to be a direct copycat version of bangbet but that may not be the case.

At first glance, I thought it was a copycat especially when I clicked on the livechat option and saw the usage of bangbet user instead of banggame user, but I looked up the two domains on whois and discovered that they are using same nameservers; which means whoever is the owner of bangbet is also the owner of banggame.

This is another point to prove that banggame is legit.

Additionally, banggame was launched less than 4 months ago, meaning that it’s still relatively new to the casino gaming industry. But at the time of writing this article, banggame is actually paying but the win rate while using the free casino bonus is extremely low. Your chances of winning something with the free bonus is very low.

Lastly, there is no referral program. No matter how good a platform claims to be, not including a referral program in their arrangement is a downside and could stagnate them if care is not taken. So if you ever have plans of earning via the referral system, then sorry to burst your bubbles, banggame doesn’t have a referral program.

That’s it for this banggame review! From the look of things and what you just read, do you think is legit or scam? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section.

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