BBRFUN Games: Earn N10,000 Daily From Simple Games

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BBRFUN is a new online gaming platform that can utilize to earn as much as 10,000 naira daily when you play simple games. If you are the type of person who would like to make some money online, then I will suggest you try out BBRFUN.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how you can make upto 10k daily from playing games on bbrfun. You will also find out all there is to know about the platform and the best type of games to play or go for higher chances of winning. But first, there is need to find out more about BBRFUN including how legit the platform is.


BBRFUN as the name implies is a gaming platform that gives users the opportunity to earn money daily when they play games. There are numerous games on the Platform that could fetch you some bucks easily such as the Dice Game, Mine games and much more.

The platform was recently launched and seems very promising. If you participated in a9ja that was posted on this blog some weeks ago, then you would enjoy playing games on bbrfun. The only difference between a9ja and the one I’m currently writing about is you get to earn more from this platform and the referral program is mind-blowing.

Is BBRFUN Games legit or scam?

BBRFUN is a gaming platform that is meant for people who are 18 and above. It’s not a ponzi scheme in anyway, it’s more like a casino platform where you stake money and play games that are majorly based on luck and if you are lucky enough, you earn money conveniently from it.

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Therefore there is no need asking if BBRFUN is legit or scam, the question should be, is BBRFUN really paying? The answer to the question is yes. As at the time of publishing this article, BBRFUN is paying and legit which means once you accumulate upto the Mimimum withdrawal, you can withdraw your money at once.

Best part is the games are very easy. So if you are not greedy, there is a high chance you would make alot of money from the platform.

How to Get Started on BBRfun

First of all, you need to create an account via HERE. The registration process is very easy as there is no stringent verification process. When you are done signing up, proceed to login to your account.

Then you will see available games to play such as Mines, Dice and much more. Based on experience, these are the two best games to play as they are very understandable and your chances of losing are quite slim.

The next step to start playing games is depositing money. To do that, click on your wallet icon at the top right corner and select deposit, the Mimimum deposit amount on bbrfun is 1000, so you should budget up to 1000 naira while registering.

Proceed to deposit the money and then use the deposited amount to play any of the games that tickles your fancy.

How to Earn Upto 10k Daily On Bbrfun Games

BBRFUN mines games

It is important for me to explain how the few games I’ve played works for better understanding so you don’t lose your initial deposit.

1. The dice game – this game is basically a luck thing. You select a number from 0-99 and place bet. Now if you select 40 for instance and roll the dice, the lucky number to show up after rolling the dice must fall between 1-40 otherwise you will lose the money you staked for the game.

This means that, if the lucky number shows up as 38, you’ve won that round. The profit will be added to your total amount. Continue playing to earn more but if the lucky number exceeds the 40, you’d lose the bet.

The higher the number you selected, the higher your chances of winning. So aim for higher numbers such as 40-80 for more chances of winning money.

BBRFUN games daily earning

2. Mines – this is another game. It’s very interesting and fun. I regard this game as the easiest and also the trickiest because if you are not tactical enough you may lose everything.

On the mines game, you are given a set of boxes to open. If you are lucky to open the ones with gemstones 💎 you keep winning extra profit on your stake but if you are unlucky to open the one that contains an explosive, you will be automatically disqualified and your initial deposit lost.

You mustn’t stake everything you deposited, you can stake 500 and start playing any of the games you find interesting to make more money but the higher the stake, the higher your earning potential.

What’s the Minimum Withdrawal on a BBRFUN Games?

Minimum withdrawal on Bbrfun games

The Mimimum withdrawal on Bbrfun is just 5,000 naira. So if you deposit 1,000 naira, you’d need to play games till you have accumulated Upto 5k before you place withdrawal.

The withdrawal is instant and there are no restrictions. Just play, earn and withdraw.

How BBRFUN Referral Program works

Now this is perhaps the most interesting aspect, if you refer someone to the platform, and the person makes a deposit of up to 10,000 naira at once to play games, you get a whopping 3,000 naira instantly which can be withdrawn without restrictions. It doesn’t end here, there are levels to the referral bonus on bbrfun.

Level 1 – user’s first recharge is 10,000 naira, you get a bonus of 3,000 naira

  • User’s first recharge is 5,000 you get 1800 naira
  • User’s first recharge is 3000 Naira you get 1000 naira
  • User’s first recharge is 2000 naira you get 600 naira.

Level 2 – user’s first recharge 10,000 naira you get 1000 naira.

  • User’s first recharge 5000 naira you get 500 naira
  • User’s first recharge 2000 naira you get N300.

Level 3 – user’s first recharge 10,000 naira you get 500

  •  User’s first recharge 5000 naira you get 300
  •  User’s first recharge 2000 naira you get 200.

So there is a lot to earn from bbrfun! If you are able to refer people to the platform, then better for you as you earn unlimitedly when your referrals remain active and keep betting as there is betting bonus for referrals and it’s also in levels! Too good to be true right?

How to get referral link on bbrfun games

To get your referral link, simply click on your profile icon >account> select Balance Management, then you will see the option to Invite Friends, click on it and copy your link.

The referral promo wouldn’t remain as it is now for long according to the information on website. It will stop in the future, the platform is in the early stages thus the attractive bonuses.

How to Withdraw Money From Bbrfun Games

Minimum withdrawal on Bbrfun games

Simply click on your wallet icon showing at the top and select withdraw, enter the amount and your account details, then submit.

The payment is instant! So start playing games and earn unlimitedly on bbrfun games!

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