Best Websites to Get Free US Phone Numbers

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Free US phone numbers for July 2022

Having a US number is an asset! Reason being that, it gives you the chance to do alot of online verification for website that are not available for people in this part of the world. For you to have clicked the link that brought you to this piece, it simply confirms the obvious; that you are someone who does alot of activities online.

The funny thing is that, you can easily get disposable US numbers that can be used to do online verifications that require OTP. The inspiration to write this article came when I was restricted from accessing a website and I had to use one of the disposable US phone numbers to access the website.

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After the experience, I took it upon myself to save more people from such disappointing experience. So in this article, you are going to see some very good websites that you can get free US phone numbers for online verifications from. The amazing aspect is that, these websites are very easy to use; even a newbie that is completely oblivious of internet navigation can make use of them.

Best Websites That Free US Phone Numbers Can Be Gotten From

Temporary Phone number image

1. Temporary Number Website – I have personally used this for numerous online verifications. All you have to do is access the website, select the desired number and use it for any verification. This is actually the easiest but you may have to go for the phone numbers towards the end of the list especially if you are trying to do a popular verification such as WhatsApp verification.

US phone number - Temp-Number

2. Temp-Number – this is another very popular disposable phone number website. The difference is that, with Temp-Number, you can also get disposable phone numbers for other countries like France, Germany etc.

Receive-smss logo

3. Receive-smss – Receive-smss is another popular disposable phone number website that is trusted and also highly invaluable. If you want some free numbers for verifications in many tier 1 and tier 2 countries, then this is certainly the website for you! These disposable phone numbers can be used for PayPal verification and many other types of verifications!

SMS Receive Free

4. SMS Receive Free – this is a free tool that can be used to generate countless US phone numbers for online verifications. Like the name implies, it’s completely free and also working; whatever OTP you are expecting will certainly be delivered if you make use of this website.

Now that’s the best free US phone numbers websites you can try in the month of July, 2022! If you know some other valid ones, feel free to post in the comment section and share this story to friends who are having issues with some online verification due to lack of US phone numbers! Enjoy

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