Betgem legit or scam: Play Games and Earn Money

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Betgem is a new online gaming platform that provides users with an opportunity to earn money daily simply by playing different casino games of your choice. Betgem just started newly and ever since their launch, some users have been wondering if they are legit or scam, so this article is going to be touching on many areas, at the end you should be able to know if betgem is legit or scam, how to earn money on betgem and the various games you can play on betgem.

In this article as already stated, we are literally going to have a look at all the information there is to know about and how you can make money on the website by playing simple casino games of your choice. Without wasting more time, let’s get down to business.

What is All About?

Betgem is an online gaming platform where users can earn money when they play simple casino games daily. It is not a free gaming platform because you would be required to deposit money in order to play. It’s more like a gambling website that can make you good money if you utilize it well and curtail your greed.

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There are many games available on betgem for which all of them can fetch you good money. Later on, we will be having a look at some of the games and the preferred games to play on betgem in order not to lose out completely.

Games Available On Betgem

Games available on betgem

Some of the games available on Betgem are;

  • Dice
  • Crash
  • Limbo
  • Fruit game
  • Mines

There are many other games but these are the most popular games that gives you a little bit control over what you’re doing. If you are not greedy, you may be able to boost up a little amount to the minimum withdrawal using the above games. Having seen some of the available games on Betgem, let’s find out if it’s legit or scam.

Is Betgem legit or scam?

Betgem is a legit gaming platform; which means you can actually earn money on the site if you successfully play and accumulate up to the minimum withdrawal. But then, it can also be tagged scam by some people who are not lucky with playing the games as you could actually lose alot if you are not careful.

Betgem is a form of betting website. You need to thread carefully because there is a chance that you may lose alot of money if care is not taken. So play smart and careful, greed is the main killer in games like this.

How to Earn Money on Betgem From Games

How to earn money on betgem

  • Firstly, you have to create an account and to do this, just access the Betgem official website, fill a brief form including your email and password.
  • When you are done creating the account, you’d be automatically logged into the dashboard to start playing games.
  • You can’t play without deposit, just click on the red envelope button at the top right corner and select the amount you wish to deposit, the minimum deposit amount is 2,000 naira but you can select 2,000 naira and deposit even 100 naira.
  • It will still reflect on your balance. To play the games after depositing, click on one of the available games and start playing.

How to Play Mines Game On Betgem

I’m partially experienced when it comes to playing mines, so if you wish to boost the amount you deposit, consider trying the mines game.

To reduce your chances of losing, just select either one or two mines at most and start unveiling the diamonds. The good thing is that, you can experiment or try it out with as little as 1 naira. Just stake 1 naira, set up just 2 mines and start unveiling the diamonds when you’ve perfectly understood the game, you can now proceed to staking higher amounts.

Mines is your sure bet if you are looking to boost the amount you deposited. Withdrawal Process

How to withdrawn from betgem

On betgem, you are not just expected to play games but to clear a wager of about 50,000 naira. What this means is you must stake and win a cumulative amount of 50,000 naira. So you must win and win many rounds to clear this wager, then click on the envelope again and select withdrawal, enter the amount and your account details, then submit.

The withdrawal is manual, so you should not be expecting an instant alert. It will take some time to arrive. But one thing is for sure, withdrawals on betgem get honoured.

Red Flags About Betgem

  1. The high wager amount. 50,000 naira is a whole lot of money and if you are not careful, you may lose everything you’ve accumulated in the bid to clear the wager.
  2. Payment is manual instead of being automated.
  3. There is no referral bonus, instead there are rebates or referral commission from the deposits and winnings of friends.

Green flags about Betgem

  1. Betgem offers a lot of games. If you are not a fan of mines, you can go for dice or limbo, crash etc. You are given alot of games to choose from and as such, higher chances of winning.
  2. Low minimum withdrawal amount pegged at 2,000 naira. This is different from what is obtainable on similar gaming websites.
  3. Deposits reflect instantly.

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