Betra777 Review: Is Betra777 Legit Or Scam?

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Here is a review of betra777, a online gaming platform where you play games and make money. The platform is currently running a free bonus campaign for users who create an account.

In this betra777 review, we will be covering all there is to know about the gaming platform which includes how to get the free 1k bonus as well as the withdrawal requirements for people who may be interested in participating. So without wasting more of your time, let’s get started.

About Betra777

How to get free 1k from betra777

Betra777 is a gaming website that allow users earn real money when they play games either in sports category or slot games. The platform is relatively new judging from their previous messages or posts on the official telegram channel and this could be why they are running a free welcome bonus campaign.

The reality is that, betra777 is not different from any other online casino website, the only difference is that they have less common games. You may see games you’ve never seen on other websites but the bottomline remains that, you have to stake money to play in order to win and there is a chance that you may lose the money.

Betra777 review – Is Betra777 legit or scam?

Betra777 review

Betra777 is legit at the moment. It is paying but it may take a long while of being very careful for you to earn something reasonable enough for withdrawal especially with the free welcome bonus.

Reason being that you have to clear 20 – 25,000 naira wager with the 1k bonus given to you before you can withdraw. So it take as a level of carefulness and dedication for one to qualify for withdrawal.

How to Create Betra777 Account

Firstly, click HERE to sign up, film your details correctly. Ensure the username contains a mix of letters and numbers.

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Immediately you submit the details, you will be asked to reconfirm, proceed and then your new account will be created with zero balance.

How to Get Free 1k Bonus On Betra777

In order to get the free 1k bonus from betra777, you need to follow the steps below and also the screenshot illustrations if you don’t have the energy to start going through textual guidance;

  • Step 1 – click on members,
  • Step 2 – click on promotion list,
  • Step 3 – you will see the free 1,000 naira welcome bonus offer, click on Apply and the welcome bonus will be immediately added to your balance.

Then you start playing games. There are terms surrounding acquisition of the bonus though, on slot games you can’t earn more than 5,000 naira using the free 1k & on games under sports, you can earn more than 1,000 naira.

Minimum Withdrawal On Betra777

Betra777 withdrawal proof

The minimum Withdrawal on the platform is 3000 naira and to withdraw, simply click on your balance and select withdrawal.

Then enter the amount you wish to withdraw and proceed but this can only be done when you have cleared the wager by playing games many times with the free bonus.

Green Flags About Betra777

  1. The platform is currently paying. If you fulfill all the requirements and place withdrawal, you will be paid.
  2.  The minimum withdrawal is fair enough considering the free bonus they are giving at the moment. Though this could stop at anytime.

Red flags About Betra777

  1. The website is not really fast & responsive.
  2. The wager is kind of on the high side and the unavailability of common games may make it impossible for people to withdraw any cash with the free bonus..
  3. They have many unpopular games. So you may have to get used to slot games like 777 and fortune tiger to earn from the platform.

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