Binance Learn & Earn: Get Crypto Rewards As You Learn About Blockchain

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Learn and Earn is an incentive program put in place by Binance to give users an opportunity to learn more about the Blockchain and at the same time get rewarded with some crypto rewards. It basically has to do with answering some questions pertaining to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain and get some rewards for your time.

Some people don’t know about the Binance learn and earn quiz, so in this piece, I am going to be explaining in brief terms and at the same time guiding you on how to participate in the Binance learn and earn to earn some rewards. If you don’t have binance application, then permit me to tell you that, you have been missing out on some monetary rewards.

How to Take Part In Binance Learn & Earn

1. Download Binance Application either from Google Play store or Apple Store for iOS users.

2. Secondly, sign up on the Binance App with your real details and make sure you verify account with either your Bank Verification Number or your NIN.

3. After being verified, you now have to wait till the next Binance learn and earn which often takes place every two weeks which means it happens twice every month.

Enough theory though, let’s take for instance the Binance Learn and Earn Quiz is taking place and as a newbie that is completely new to the whole system, what would you do?

Simply launch your Binance Application i.e. after you will have been verified, you open the app, you will see the Binance learn and earn program in the announcement section as shown in the screenshot below

Participating in Binance learn and earn

When you click on the announcement you will be shown the available quizzes to participate in. For newbies, there will be quite a number of quizzes available to answer and all you have to do is click the proceed arrow as shown in the screenshot below for each quiz you wish to tackle.

Binance learn and earn

Click on the arrow till the start quiz option appears and then you commence with the quiz. What you stand to gain from each quiz after answering is often shown where the available quizzes are. So make sure you answer the questions correctly to earn the stated amount. As a newbie, you may even bag as much as $5 or $10 worth of crypto.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings

If you answered the questions correctly, your reward will be disbursed within 48 hours of completion. So you should be expecting your reward in your wallet within 48 hours. That’s how the Binance learn and earn works.

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The issue most people often encounter; especially people who are not to versed in crypto or Blockchain knowledge is knowing the right answers, so I would advise you to join our WhatsApp and telegram channel as the learn and earn answers may be forwarded a day before the quiz commences. But you can still look up the answers and questions on Google.

Thanks, share to friends who may like to earn some crypto rewards whilst expanding their knowledge.

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