BingX SuperX Trading Christmas Giveaway – Get Free Usdt Daily

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Bingx SuperX Trading Christmas Giveaway

Bingx SuperX Trading Christmas Giveaway has commenced and users can be rewarded with free usdt daily. All you have to do is download the BingX crypto wallet and follow the steps going to be discussed in this piece.

The BingX SuperX Trading promotion is primarily for crypto traders using the app but they also have a package for normal users, even though the reward for normal users is small, it’s still worth it considering the fact that you don’t have to add any money or deposit the required amount for the promotion. But before we get down to how you can participate to get the free usdt on BingX, let’s first have a look at what the app is about.

About BingX

Bingx is a cryptocurrency wallet or exchange that allows you send, receive and even exchange from one crypto asset to another seamlessly. You can also trade on BingX.

If you have ever used a crypto wallet before, registering or using bingx wouldn’t be a big deal to you and another interesting aspect is, you don’t need to complete KYC to use bingx for all your crypto transactions.

Features Of BingX App

  • Spot Trading: Fast transactions of BTC, ETH, XRP and many other popular assets available;
  • Fiat Gateway: Connect with high-quality service providers, help you buy digital currencies safely and efficiently;
  • Contract Trading: Providing a variety of trading symbols such as BTC, ETH, Link, and DOT;
  • Perpetual Swap: Trade by limit order to effectively control the cost of trading;
  • Invitation Commission: Invite friends to register and trade in BingX to enjoy significant commissions;
  • Customer Support: Our 24/7 customer service representatives are always ready and willing to answer any questions or resolve any issues you might encounter.

What is BingX SuperX Trading Christmas Giveaway

BingX Christmas Giveaway

The BingX SuperX Trading Christmas Giveaway is aimed at rewarding traders with extra bonuses and vouchers on a daily basis. According to the information on BingX, they are giving away up to $1,000,000 crypto rewards to participants and for you to be able to participate, you must have an existing bingx account.

The promo is meant to run from the first of December to 31st and it’s divided into three categories namely;

  1. Calendar boxes
  2.  Individual contest
  3. Team contest

But our primary focus would be on the calendar boxes as that is where our interest lies and it’s free for all users i.e. there is no need for deposits, all you have to do is open the boxes on the set date.

Like I said, the promotion runs from 1st – 31st of December and you can open the boxes every 4-6 days after claiming the first box. There is a box on the 1st, 3rd and so on.

Just click on the box set for each date to unveil the package or reward in it. Since we are finding out about the promo later, you can claim calendar boxes for 1st to 13th which is the date of this article publication. So far you will be rewarded with a total of $3 usdt when you’re done unveiling all the boxes including some trading vouchers.

How to Get Free $3 Usdt From BingX Christmas Giveaway

Bingx Christmas Giveaway

Download BingX app from either Play store or Apple store and install.

Then login to your existing account, recall that I said the promo seems to be only for existing customers, so if you’re just finding out about BingX for the first time, you may or may not be eligible to participate or register for the SuperX Trading Christmas Giveaway.

After you’ve logged in, on the homepage, details about the Christmas Giveaway will pop up via a banner on your homepage, click on it to access thr campaign page. There you will be asked to register, do that and when asked to deposit 99 usdt, ignore and scroll down to where you will see Unwrap Box click on it and you will be shown full details about the promo with boxes to unwrap.

Click on the ones from 1st of December to 13th and you will be rewarded with XRP, ARB, 10 doge which is cumulatively equivalent to $3 usdt.

They are not often issued instantly, but it will certainly drop in your asset balance and can be withdrawn.

You can log back in after some days to claim more calendar boxes as it’s ending on the 31st of December.

How to Check Your Gifts


If you want to check your gifts or things you’ve won from the BingX SuperX Trading Christmas Giveaway, go to the campaign page and click on the floating Christmas icon.

That’s all you should know about the BingX SuperX Trading Christmas Giveaway and how to participate to win free usdt.

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