Review – Is Bitlivecoin Free $30 Worth It?

Join Our Telegram Channel Join our Telegram Channel is a new website that is currently making the waves on social media due to the free $30 investment bonus being given to users upon registration that can be used to invest and withdraw the proceeds. Due to how popular the platform has become, I decided to publish a review to help make everyone understand all about the platform.

In as much as the investment bonus is free, there is need to know how real a platform is so you don’t end up wasting your time. Remember, time is money according to the popular dictum; it is therefore wrong to say as long as it is free, I don’t have any issue. Your time shouldn’t be free as well. In this article as already stated, we will be having review and it will cover the various areas; whether is legit or scam, how to get the $30 investment bonus on bitlivecoin, the owner of bitlivecoin and when the domain was registered. 

Having stated some of the things I intend covering in this review, I hope you are mentally ready to read this article till the very end because everything is going to b quite detailed. If you are not a reader, I would advise you to read this as it will save you from wasting your time Incase you find out that the platform is not worth the effort or time.

Bitlivecoin ltd login

If after creating an account, you forget the details to login back, simply go to your browser and type in this link to sign into your account. To login into bitlivecoin, simply click on this link –

Is Legit?

As at the time of publishing this article, bitlivecoin is just launching newly, so there is no payment proof anywhere. Disregard any proof you see as most of them are fake proof being peddled by people who wish to earn from the referral program. There is no proof of bitlivecoin being legit since the platform is still very new.

How to Get Free $30 Investment Bonus on review

Bitlivecoin is running a campaign aimed at rewarding all new users who create an account with free $30 investment bonus that can fetch the users withdrawable earnings.

I suspect this is due to the way people dread joining any platform that involves initial deposit before users can earn money. Following the crash of similar earning platforms, people have grown skeptical about joining platforms that initial capital is required before they earn. So that could explain the rationale behind the free investment bonus. Be that as it may, if you wish to get the free investment bonus from, then follow the steps below;

  • First of all, you need to create an account and to this simply click HERE to access official website.
  • The registration process is quite easy and straightforward. Immediately you are logged into the main dashboard, you will be shown a button to claim the $30 investment bonus. Click on it and proceed to claim your welcome bonus.

It doesn’t end with just claiming the bonus, like I said, it is an investment plan and as such, you would have to invest the amount gotten.

How to Invest $30 bonus On

How to invest $30 bonus on earning platform

You would need to invest the bonus before you can start earning some interest. According to the information on bitlivecoin, you earn $0.005 per hour from the initial investment bonus given to you.

To invest the bonus, simply click on the lines at the top left corner, you will see a list of options which includes the invest now option, click on it and then invest the $30 bonus to start earning some extra money on bitlivecoin. Referral Program

Bitlivecoin has a referral program where referrers earn rebates from the users they bring into the system. This is probably why you’ve been seeing some fake proofs! Everybody is after his or her own pocket. review- Who is the owner of

Who is the owner of bitlivecoin

Due to how seriously I take the information or reviews published on this website, I decided to run a check on domain name to see if I can see a name behind the website creation and to my no surprise, the identity of the creator is hidden.

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This doesn’t make sense though, since bitlivecoin claims to be a platform that users get free $30 investment bonus, there is no sensible reason why the owner(s) should hide their identity. I mean, we would like to give credit to who credit is due if the platform eventually works well and we’re all supposedly credited with the proceeds from the investment deposit which we also got free!

Hidden identity is very common investment scams and programs, so participation on the bitlivecoin should be done with utmost caution especially one that would require input of user’s capital.

When Was Launched?

When was launched?

The website is very new as it was launched on the 4th of may, 2023. It is therefore too early to come up with a very wonderful review judging from the fact that no one has deposited on the platform yet and no one has been paid. Regardless of this, I tried my best ti give a wonderful review. Review – Is Scam?

Well, there is no proof of being scam, same way there is no proof of it being legit. Bitlivecoin is pretty new for such questions, so why not we leave it and watch how things unfold. If it ends up being scam or worthless, I would also update this review to inform my viewers. Minimum Withdrawal?

The minimum withdrawal on is different for different users;

For the basic users which are new users who just obtained the initial investment bonus of $30, the minimum they can withdraw from the earnings gotten from the investment is $50. This is very high and as such, a major red flag when it comes to bitlivecoin and I would say this was strategically done to ensure users who obtain the free investment bonus don’t withdraw at the end.

I mean, do the calculation, if you are receiving $0.05 per hour, how many days would it take for you to get $50 bonus? When you are done calculating, tell me the answer in the comment section. I don’t know maths 😂 Review – My Take On The Platform’s legitimacy is a greatly or professionally designed website but it falls short in various ways and these ways display it as a potentially fraudulent scheme even if it’s not at the moment. Some of the ways are;

  1. The high minimum withdrawal for basic users who are supposedly reaping from the platform’s good will. $50 minimum withdrawal is just like saying you would never be able to withdraw until a deposit is made.
  2. The alarmingly high deposit amount. Imagine a startup platform like fixing minimum withdrawal at $30. This is very high and considering our exchange rate, very few people will be able to afford this amount and without affording it, the chances of being able to withdraw is very low considering the minimum withdrawal.
  3. has similar pattern and earning metrics like a previously crashed platform,

Anyone intending to participate or try to earn money on bitlivecoin should apply caution in order not to lose his or her money to scammers.

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