How to Earn 420 Naira Instantly And Up to 5k On Bitnob Daily

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There is a new opportunity for every user to earn 420 naira instantly and up to 5,000 naira on bitnob app courtesy of the newly introduced referral program. Bitnob as the name implies is a Bitcoin exchange platform where you buy, save or invest Bitcoin easily. One of the interesting facts about bitnob is that, you can save as little as $1 on the autopilot daily.

No matter your level of income or experience when it comes to cryptocurrencies, the app simplifies everything from buying to saving Bitcoin and guess what, there are also incentives attached to it! In this article, we are going to have a look at how you can earn 420 naira and above instantly even up to 5,000 naira or more daily on the bitnob app.

The main focus of this blog as we all know is to serve as the home of freebies and money making schemes, where users and viewers can navigate and see some interesting stuff to engage in order to make some money for themselves. Bitnob provides such opportunity as well in their ongoing referral program and the good thing is that, getting your account ready on bitnob is as easy as anything you’ve done. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to some of the features of the bitnob app before we start talking about how you can leverage on the referral program to make money.

Features of Bitnob App

  1.  Easily transfer money to and fro your account without stress.
  2.  Use email and number to create an account and authorize trades and transfers.
  3. Take advantage of the tips on investing strategies, options and more anytime and anywhere.
  4.  You will be able to customize your experience by setting up your positions and watch list screens just the way you want.

Having seen some of the features of Bitnob App, let’s get down to the referral program and how it can be leveraged by every bitnob user both old and new.

About Bitnob Referral Program

Bitnob recently reintroduced their referral program after pausing it for sometime and this time around, it’s very interesting to say the least.

On bitnob, when you refer someone to sign up with your referral code, you earn 2000 Satoshis and this is equivalent to about 420 in naira and even more in other African currencies. This means that, bitnob referral is not just restricted to Nigeria, other African countries are eligible as well.

There is no limit to the amount you stand to gain from bitnob thus you can refer all your friends and relatives to sign up and get rewarded with cash for doing so. Let’s break down some more details and how to participate.

How to Earn Up to 5k On Bitnob Referral Program

Bitnob referral program

Firstly, you need to download Bitnob application from either Play store or Apple store. I am not sure the application is available for iOS devices but then, you can check the apple store.

After downloading, sign up with your real details. The reason is that, these details will be subject to a review for KYC approval. While signing up, make sure you enter UGOCHUKWU23 as referral code. This will not only help support me but also give you an opportunity to earn some money via cashbacks since you signed up with a referral code. It’s stated in their referral guidelines; so it’s literally a win-win.

When you are done with the sign up process, you will be given two verification options. You can either verify your KYC with BVN or NIN. I would suggest you make use the BVN as that is instant and most times doesn’t cause any issues.

Complete selfie verification and then your account will be ready for the money making venture. There is no rule that only old accounts can enjoy the program, so you can start referring friends right away.

To get your referral code, simply click on the Actions options showing at the center of your account, then click on refer and earn.

Your referral code will be shown to you. Copy the code and the link if you wish and start sharing to friends. For each person who completes registration with your code, you instantly get credited with 2000 Satoshis which can be converted to BTC and withdrawn to your local bank account.

How to Withdraw Bitnob Referral Bonuses

How to withdraw Bitnob referral bonuses

Click on the Actions tab again, click on accounts and then navigate to your referral bonus account.

On the account page, you will see a list of referral bonuses credited to your account, simply click on the next account and tap on sell.

Enter the amount of BTC you intend to sell and that’s it! You have successfully redeemed your referral bonus.

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That’s how to enjoy the bitnob referral program! If you are hardworking enough you can earn up to 50,000 naira in a single day simply from sharing your code or even creating accounts for people with your code.

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