Bitvista Review – Legit, Scam Or Crashed? Find Out!

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Bitvista review

Bitvista is quantitative trading website that users can earn money in cryptocurrency from when they complete the tasks on a daily basis. If you’ve been very active on social media, then you must have heard about and due to this growing popularity of the platform, we decided to write a Bitvista review to show users all about the platform.

In this Bitvista review, we will be finding out if is legit or scam, how the platform works and how you can register on Bitvista for those interested in participating since the platform has a free version for all users. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the purpose of writing this article.

About Bitvista

Bitvista is a quantitative trading website that allows users earn money for free when they register and complete trading on a daily basis. Upon registering, all users are given free $50 usdt which can be used to earn Free $1.5 usdt for the first time but the experiment bonus doesn’t remain for more than a day.

Bitvista Review – Is Bitvista Legit Or Scam?

There is no way we can call this article a Bitvista review without answering this very pertinent question. Bitvista is not a legit platform in the sense that it’s a Ponzi scheme that can crash at any time.

We’ve seen numerous websites like Bitvista in the past, they pay for some days or weeks at most and crash along the line. They claim to be given free $50 upon registering but the so called bonus expires in a day, meaning as a normal user there is no possible way of earning money on the platform for free.

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From my own assessment Bitvista is not a legit platform but is Bitvista paying at the moment, the answer is yes. The platform is paying users who place withdrawal but it’s not legit because to earn money you either have to deposit money or you have to refer alot of users.

Additionally, Bitvista is just rotating funds from users who are depositing and paying it to people placing withdrawal. No extra income is being generated externally, so it is totally pointless sugar coating the platform or calling it legit.

It will crash or stop paying one day but if you are lucky to be earning from it at the moment, better be smart to avoid losing all your money.

How to Register on Bitvista

If you want to create an account, simply hop into Bitvista website and create an account with your details.

The sign up process is quite simple, just make sure you use real email and phone number incase you forget your password or something unfortunate happens, your account would be easily tracked or discovered. When you are done creating an account, you will be given free $50 experience bonus which can be used to quantify just once after which the bonus varnishes the next day.

In order to continue earning, you have to spin the lucky wheel. More details will be revealed later on. Login

If you already have an account and want to login to your account, simply access the website directly – and enter your details to login to your account.

How to Complete Tasks On Bitvista

How to complete tasks on Bitvista

To complete tasks with the initial welcome bonus of 50 usdt, simply click on Quantify, you will see that you can complete 3 tasks.

Just click on the 0/3 and the quantification will commence, wait for some minutes and come back to the page, keep clicking on it till you’ve completed the 3/3 tasks for the day. If you’re making use of the experience 50 usdt bonus for the quantification, you would have to refer new users to get spins on the lucky wheel in order to get more bonus to enable you quantify.

How to Refer New Users to Bitvista

To refer new people, click on Invite Friends showing on your dashboard, copy either your referral code or link and share to friends and family members. For each person who creates a free account using your link, you get extra spin.

Tap on the activity option on your dashboard, scroll down to lucky wheel and click on it. Then spin the lucky wheel to get extra experience bonus. Note, you can just spin the wheel once daily, that’s a very simple way to increase your bonus on the platform to enable you keep earning from the quantification without depositing money.

Minimum Withdrawal On Bitvista

Minimum Withdrawal On

Some days ago, the minimum withdrawal was $5 but it was increased to $10 recently by the administrators. So you must earn up to $10 before you can place withdrawal.

You earn $1.50 usdt each time you quantify three times, so it shouldn’t take much time for you to earn up to the $10 but there’s need to know that the platform is getting weak, so ensure you’re trading for free, don’t upgrade to VIP 1 to avoid losing your deposit.

The minimum deposit is $10 but with the change of rules by the platform, it is unadvisable to deposit money on the platform. If you want to withdraw, go to your profile and click on sell, follow the next steps to withdraw.

Bitvista Red Flags

  • The payment is manual. As a matter of fact, users on VIP 1 get paid within 72 hours which means even after earning the $10, you only get paid within 3 days and you may need to contact their support rep on telegram to make your withdrawal faster as a free user.
  • Bitvista is a Ponzi scheme that prioritises only users who have upgraded
  •  The experience bonus is just a trap to lure users into depositing money. If you can’t refer new users to the platform, it’s totally pointless registering unless you have plans to deposit money and earn much more including referral bonuses.

We’ve come to the end of this Bitvista review! From your understanding, do you think the is legit or scam?

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