Busha Independence Day Promo: How to Get Free 2k Bonus

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Do you know Busha Independence Day Promo starts tomorrow and you can get free 2k bonus when you create an account? If you have been in the online or cryptocurrency space for sometime, then you would know what busha is all about but for the benefit of those who know nothing about busha, we will be having a look at some of the features of Busha wallet before we dive into how you can get the 2k bonus from the app courtesy of the independence day Promo.

About Busha Wallet

Busha is an online cryptocurrency wallet that gives users the chance to spend, trade and save money in cryptocurrencies ranging from BTC, Usdt, Tron and much more. For me, busha is one of the most convenient and easy apps for crypto beginners who would like to transact in cryptocurrency because the steps to sign and complete kyc is pretty straightforward.

Features of Busha Wallet

  1.  Busha Spend: Use your Busha wallet to purchase airtime and data subscriptions directly, earning instant cashback to your wallet.
  2.  Instant Cryptocurrency Buying: Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies instantly through our peer-to-peer feature on the app.
  3.  Peer-to-Peer Trading: Trade cryptocurrencies with other Busha users within a user-friendly interface.
  4.  Low Transaction Fees: Enjoy low transaction fees when buying or selling cryptocurrencies with fiat.
  5. Quick Payouts: Receive quick payouts to your registered bank account for hassle-free transactions.
  6.  Top-notch Security: Benefit from guaranteed security measures to safeguard your crypto assets.
  7.  Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies: Access a diverse range of cryptocurrencies at the best rates in Nigeria and Kenya.
  8.  Real-time Price Tracking: Keep track of cryptocurrency price changes in real time.
  9. Secure Wallet Storage: Safely store your crypto assets in your Busha wallet for free.
  10.  Comprehensive Knowledge Centre: Learn about the uniqueness of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more through our comprehensive knowledge centre, “Busha Learn.”
  11.  Curated Crypto News: Stay updated with crypto news to make informed trading decisions.
  12.  Limit Buy and Sell: Set specific price levels for buying or selling cryptocurrencies to take advantage of market fluctuations.

How to Partake In The Busha Independence Day Promo

Busha Independence Day Promo

1. Download Busha wallet from either App store or Play Store Depending on your Device OS.

2. Create an account with your real details and while creating the account, endeavour to use the referral code FREE. This is a universal code given by the Busha team to users in order to celebrate the independence day.

3. When you are done with signing up, upgrade your account or verify KYC with your BVN and also do face verification. These two steps are necessary to get the bonus. After this is concluded, you will be rewarded with 2,000 Naira bonus that can be instantly withdrawn.

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Currently no one knows how the rewards will be as it’s not yet time but if it’s given to users in cryptocurrency, that means you would have to convert it to fiat on the Busha app and make use of the P2P to withdraw to your local bank account.

Things you should know about the Busha Independence Day Promo

Busha Independence 2k bonus

1. The bonus may be limited, so there is need for you to create an account immediately it is 12am tonight.

2. Secondly, you must be a new Busha user to enjoy the bonus. Multiple accounts is not possible with the face verification and BVN that’s required.

3. As an old user, the only way for you to partake or benefit from the Busha Independence Day Promo free 2k is by using someone else’s details and information. The person will also be the one to do face verification.

Lastly, the promo code, FREE is not a choice thing. You must use the code in order to qualify for the independence day Promo. Thanks, share and feel free to join our telegram channel and group.

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