Bwin0023 Review: Is Bwin Games Legit Or Scam?

Join Our Telegram Channel Join our Telegram Channel is a new gaming platform that gives users the opportunity to earn money when they play games. It’s similar to many online gaming platforms we’ve reviewed on this blog, so for the sake of showing you how bwin works, we are going to be looking at a review of bwin0023.

In this article as already stated, we will be having a look at bwin0023 review which aims at answering all possible questions you may have about the gaming platform such as; is bwin0023 legit or scam?, How does bwin games work? Does bwin0023 pay? And many other questions. But firstly, let’s start by introducing the platform.

About Bwin0023

Bwin is a gaming platform that one can stake money, play games and withdraw as much as 10x or more of whatever he or she staked. If you keep winning whatever game you play, then your earnings will keep multiplying and increasing till infinity, there is no limit to what you can earn.

Bwin was recently launched and they are slowly gaining users, which is one of the things that motivated the publication of this article.

Bwin0023 review: Is bwin Legit?

Is bwin0023 legit or scam?

Bwin0023 is a gaming platform or better put it’s a gambling website and as such, it can be legit for me and a scam to you. There is no one way of answering if bwin is legit or not, but from my experience, bwin0023 is not to be trusted.

In gaming platforms like this, there are some other ways of confirming their legitimacy, such as, how possible it is to win money from their games, how long the withdrawal takes to arrive and how efficient and responsive the support representatives are.

  • When it comes to bwin, the game I played was mines and it was terrible to say the least. Despite setting 3 bombs in a wide array of diamonds, I still lost a lot of money while playing the games. It felt as though, the system was programmed to ensure you never win, regardless of how smart you think you are. So that’s an off for bwin0023.
  • Secondly, the Support system of bwin is not responsive at all. I deposited money and it didn’t reflect, I messaged the support rep on telegram and didn’t get a favourable response, instead of addressing my concerns, I was directed to contact the online support that was not even active. It took hours of battle before my deposit was eventually made to reflect.
  • Thirdly, the payment is swift to an extent. I placed withdrawal and got it within 30 minutes. That’s a plus for them considering the fact that similar platforms take up to 24 hours to pay users.
  • Lastly, there is no reg bonus on bwin. Most gaming platforms give users free bonus to enable them understand the platform and also earn some money for free but this is not the case on bwin. You have to deposit and there is no bonus for people who deposit 2,000 naira.

So generally speaking, I would say Bwin0023 is not really a legit platform because it falls short of the two major requirements that makes a gambling site legit and safe. Participate at your own risk.

How to Register On Bwin0023 and Start Playing Games

Bwin0023 review

  • To sign up, simply click HERE, fill your details such as your phone number, email and password, then verify the captcha.
  • After signing up, click on the deposit if you wish to take the risk and deposit atleast 2,000 naira to play games. This is another place, bwin falls short, you can only deposit 2,000 naira minimum and there is no way of depositing something less because anything less than the stated amount wouldn’t reflect without some battles with the admin.

Another downside or shortcoming is that, bwin0023 doesn’t have much games for users to play. After registering, you will be left with only mines because the few other games are not as common or popular as mines. This limits the options users have to earn money on the platform and also portrays the platform in bad light if I’m to say.

How Does Bwin Referral Program Work?

You earn free rebates from whatever games your referrals play. This is not different from what is obtainable on other platforms.

Minimum withdrawal on Bwin0023

The minimum withdrawal on bwin is 2,000 naira and you also lose 5% of whatever you want to withdraw as charges.

To withdraw, click on the naira balance showing at the top right corner and fill your details then submit the withdrawal and wait for the money. When I placed withdrawal, it arrived within 30 minutes though I have seen people complain on the group that their money didn’t arrive for long. I guess mine was more like a thing of luck rather than the case.

Bwin0023 review: Is Bwin Scam?

Bwin game losses

I won’t say bwin is scam but from what I’ve mentioned in this article, I am not also saying it’s legit. If you must participate, ensure you’re doing so with your spare cash. Take it as if you’re throwing away any money you want to play games with on bwin.

We’ve come to the end of bwin0023 review! I believe you got some useful information that should guide your participation in the platform. Feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more updates.

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