Cardless Withdrawal | How to Withdraw Money From ATM Without Debit Card

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How to perform cardless withdrawals in Nigerian banks

Did you know you can withdraw money from ATM without debit card in Nigeria? This service is known as cardless withdrawal and it is a feature available on most ATMs but the only thing is that, some banks are yet to release the procedures customers should follow in order to access the service, so they don’t have to be stranded when they lose their debit cards or they have an urgent need to make withdrawals.

Recently, many prominent Nigerian banks released the steps customers should follow in order to withdraw money from ATM without debit card. So in this article we are going to be finding out how you can perform cardless withdrawals from ATMs easily from your bank account. But before we get down to that, there is need to first understand what cardless withdrawals entail and the benefits of performing cardless withdrawals from your bank account.

What are the Benefits Of Cardless Withdrawals?

How to withdraw money from ATM without debit card easily

Cardless withdrawal as I have already mentioned has to do with a debit transaction performed on an account via the ATM without any debit card. It is a known method of withdrawing the money in your account when you are not with your debit card. As we all know, the conventional method is going to stand in queue with your debit card but times are changing and this is one interesting innovation everyone should embrace.

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There are certain benefits of performing cardless withdrawals or withdrawing money from ATM without debit card and they are as follows;

  1. It helps customers avoid the hassle of immediately replacing a lost or expired ATM/debit card. When you know how to withdraw money without any debit card, it reduces the emphasis on obtaining a new card when you either lose your card or it expired; this is very important considering how congested banking halls are at this time.
  2. It reduces your risk of scammers and hackers stealing your information from your debit card.
  3. It makes cash withdrawal simple and easier for customers as you can withdraw money from your bank account without a card simply by generating a cashout pin from your account and this cashout pin is often valid for 24 hours.

List of Banks You Can Withdraw Money Without Debit Card & The Codes For Cardless Withdrawal 

  • First bank – the code is *894*0#
  • United Bank of Africa (UBA) the code is *919*30*amount#
  • Fidelity bank – the code is *770*8*amount#
  • Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) – the code is *737*50*amount*50# 
  • First City Monument Bank – (FCMB) the code is *329#
  • Union Bank – the code is *826*7#
  • Zenith bank – the code is *966*60#
  • Ecobank – the code is *326#
  • Keystone bank – the code is *7111#
  • Polaris Bank – *833#
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank – *909#
  • Sterling Bank – *822#
  • Unity Bank – *7799*8*amount#
  • Wema Bank – *945#

Those are the codes for cardless withdrawal from ATM stands in Nigerian banks. Now it doesn’t end here, I know you are wondering the steps to follow when you want to withdraw without debit card, so keep reading.

Steps to Withdraw Money From ATM Without Debit Card

Bank Codes for cardless withdrawal

If you wish to perform a cardless withdrawal on any of the banks listed above, simply dial the code meant for the bank or you can make use of the mobile app.

  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw and create a one-time withdrawal pin.
  • You will receive a code via sms that you will use to withdraw cash from any ATM without ATM card.
  • When you have received the code and details to use for withdrawal, find an ATM stand with the option for cardless withdrawal, select “Cardless Withdrawal” and then follow the on screen prompts.
  • Enter the code you received via SMS, your one-time withdrawal pin and the requested amount and collect your cash. If at any point you are confused or unable to complete the steps, simply call the bank security or someone more experienced for assistance.

That’s the steps required for you to withdraw money from ATM without your debit card on Nigerian banks! Thanks and feel free to share.

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