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Join Our Telegram Channel Join our Telegram Channel survey platform is a survey application that rewards participants who answer surveys on the application on a daily basis. Most of us are familiar with survey application and there is one thing they often share in common; availability to only tier 1 countries such as USA, United Kingdom thus the need for Virtual Private Network (VPN).

The good thing about Cashew Survey application is that, it is flexible enough with payment and the referral program is mind boggling to say the least. As an activate respondent and referrer on the Cashew platform, you may even be cashing out more than 100 dollars per day. Without wasting much time, below are some of the requirements needed for you to start earning on the survey platform.

Requirements For Survey Platform

✅ USA phone number, if you have a personal number, best. If you don’t have a personal US number, you can check out some of the disposable phone numbers available on the internet. – check out our previous post On The Best Websites To Get US Phone Numbers For Online Verifications

✅ Windscribe or Mysterium VPN. This is very important because the app is not available for people in this part of the world but with a VPN, you can access unavailable applications on Google Playstore And App store.

✅ Ability to read and understand!

How to Start Earning Reasonable Money On Survey Platform

✅ Firstly, you need to download Application via HERE. After downloading the application, you enter the US phone number excluding the +1 in front of the number as that is the country code.

✅ The sign up process is very brief, there is no verification apart from OTP verification code that would be sent to your US phone number. After signing up, you will see some available startup surveys intended for account setup and also to prepare you for further surveys. Full them accurately to get your initial welcome bonus.

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✅ Then you start answering surveys that are on your dashboard. According to the information on the official website, it is normal for you not to qualify for many surveys and also surveys are usually updated on a daily basis.

How to Earn Unlimitedly From Website survey referral program

Like I Stated earlier, has a mind boggling referral program that rewards referrers with as much as $1 dollar per person that downloads the application from Google Playstore or app store with your unique link. That’s crazy! Meaning, if you refer 500 people, you will be walking away with $500.

Withdrawal Methods On And How to Correct Some Errors You May Encounter

Payment proof of

The available withdrawal methods are; PayPal, cashapp and venomo. Minimum withdrawal which according to the information on the website would reduce in the nearest future is just $5.

Some errors you may encounter is the ‘App not available in your country” error even while connected to a US server with a VPN. If you encounter this error while trying to download the app from Playstore, simply close, click on your profile on Playstore and select another Google account on the list of accounts logged into your device.

After selecting a new Google account right there on Google Playstore, minimise and click the sign up link again, it will take you back to Playstore, but this time around the error won’t be show again.

Another error you may encounter is, someone tampering with your money. This can only be possible if you make use of any public disposable US number and someone uses same account to sign up. The person will gain access into your account and may even withdraw your available revenue. So make sure you withdraw as soon as it gets to $5 unless you are using a personal US number.

That’s all! Happy earning! Join our telegram channel for more updates.

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