Celia Finance Review – Is Celia Mining Legit? Find Out!

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Celia finance Review

Celia Finance is a cryptocurrency exchange that claims to be decided to providing users a secure and user-friendly platform for purchase, selling and trading of digital assets. At the moment, Celia Finance app can be used to mine the Celia token which is often abbreviated as CLT. In this Celia Finance Review, we will be finding out all there is to know about the mining and whether it’s legit or scam.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Celia finance app especially, the Celia token mining aspect which has caught the attention of thousands of users including myself. But before that lets start by introducing the Celia finance app and what the Celia token is all about.

About Celia Finance

Celia like I stated earlier, is a crypto exchange that provides users a secure and user-friendly platform for buying, selling and trading of crypto assets. Celia is still in its prelaunch and they gave users an opportunity to mine the Celia token pending it’s launch.

What’s Celia?

Celia token is often referred to as Celia and it’s a utility token that will in the future be used to power the Celia exchange and also facilitate transactions on the platform. Users or holders of the Celia token would also be given access to exclusive features and discounts on the platform.

While Celia seems to be a legit program there is something I noticed and thought it wise to share before we proceed.

Celia Finance Review – Is Celia Mining Legit Or Scam?

There is no way we can talk about Celia finance Review, without confirming if Celia Mining as a whole is legit or not.

There is no certain way of confirming if Celia finance is a legit project or not as the white paper is pretty standard, but then, there are adverts on the app.

While adverts are normal in today’s internet, for me, it sends a wrong signal about the app. Since users cannot make money from the Celia finance app at the moment, the adverts fixed on the mobile app is rather unnecessary and only sends a wrong signal to the users because the administrators are making money off the users and promising them of a better tomorrow with the Celia tokens.

When will Celia be launched?

Secondly, from the Celia launch calendar as seen on their twitter page, the tokens will be launched in September, 2024. Which means users who are currently mining on a daily basis will have to mine for a year before their efforts hopefully materialises.

This is a major red flag considering the fact that they are also making money from the adverts placed on the app, it’s almost as if users are just helping the owners make money. The one year gap is too much and if you invest your time into it for a full year and it turns out to be futile, your regrets will be much serious. So it’s important to bear in mind that Celia token mining is going to be for a full year and also the fact that it could all just be a sham.

How to Create An Account On Celia Finance

Celia finance

To create an account, simply download the Celia app. After which you sign up with your real details as there will be KYC otherwise known as Know Your Customer later on. So to avoid wasting your time and effort, use real details.

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After signing up, the next step would be to start mining the Celia tokens. In order to commence mining, click on the floating ⛏️ icon at the right corner, and select either to mine for 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. Below is a breakdown of reward for each number of hours;

  • Mining for 6 hours on Celia finance will fetch you 1.5 CLT.
  • Mining for 12 hours – 2.5 CLT
  • Mining for 24 hours – 3.0 CLT

The best pick amongst the three is 24 hours because it means you’d have to come back to restart the miner every 24 hours; which is relatively fair as you have to do this just once daily.

How to Get More CLT On Celia Finance App

How to get more Celia tokens via referring

If you want to get or earn more Celia, you need to maintain a streak on the app and also check out the referral program.

On Celia, you get 2.0 CLT for each person you refer to start mining the token on the app. So imagine you have 200 referrals?

To get your referral link or code, simply scroll down on the main dashboard to see the refer and earn crypto token banner, click on it to copy your referral code and share to friends and family.

That’s all for Celia finance Review! If you enjoyed the article, feel free to join my telegram channel for more reviews on online money making apps and websites. Thanks.

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