Centbee Honey Rewards: Earn Bitcoin By Using Centbee App

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Centbee is a world’s ‘most friendly’ and safe digital cash wallet and they are currently running a honey rewards promo aimed at giving users free money when they use the app on a daily basis.

The centbee Honey rewards promo has been going on for sometime but I was waiting for a confirmation before making it public for my viewers to earn some money from it. Before we get down to the main reason for this article, let’s first have a look at some details about centbee including some of the features.

About Centbee App

About centbee app

Centbee like I said earlier is a digital cash wallet that makes it easy for you to store, spend and send digital cash safely on your mobile phone.

You can spend your digital cash at hundreds of retailers globally and also send digital cash to your phone contacts. Below are some of the interesting features of centbee that you should beware of;

Features of Centbee App

  • Chat with your contacts and send them cash.
  • Send directly to your bank accounts, mobile money and cash collections.
  •  Get your business listed on centbee map!
  •  Earn honey rewards cash back when you refer friends and shop with centbee.
  •  Top up your centbee wallet using card payments.

How Centbee Honey Rewards Works

First of all, download Centbee app from play store and sign up.

While signing up, you will be asked to enter a referral code, make sure you enter gist. This is compulsory as there is a welcome bonus for users who create account with a referral code.

After creating the account, click on the three lines at the top left corner and tap on transactions and notifications. This is important as it’s needed to fetch you additional money.

How to copy your centbee backup wallet

Note: after signing up, click on backup account and save your passphrase. This is super important because if you mistakenly log out of your centbee account, you’d need it to access your coins.

Screenshot your passphrase and store in a safe place or don’t log out at any point.

Tasks That Fetch Money On Centbee App

Centbee Honey rewards promo

  1. Signing daily
  2. Checking notifications and transactions.
  3.  Sending money to a phone contact using centbee
  4.  Referring a friend to use centbee app(we will talk about how to go about this later on)
  5. Signing up with a referral code i.e. you have already secured yourself a welcome bonus for signing up with the code I attached above.

How Centbee Referral Program Works

Centbee Honey rewards promo

Centbee didn’t explicitly stated that honey rewards attached to referring. But you stand to gain more money if you refer users to the centbee app.

To start referring, just copy the first part of your centbee mail. Let’s take for instance your centbee paymail is gist@centbee.com, your referral code is gist and that is the only code you should use in referring people.

That’s how to get your referral code. share it to friends and wait for the rewards. The honey rewards according to centbee support, drops after some days, so the more you use the app and refer, the more money for you.

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