Chakra Airdrop Review – Is Chakra Legit Or Scam Project?

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Chakra airdrop review

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Here comes chakra Airdrop review, chakra is a digital token that is designed to revolutionize community reward mechanisms. In this review, we will be finding out is chakra Airdrop is legit or scam and also have a look at some of the important details about the platform.

In this chakra Airdrop review as already stated, we will be finding out the chakra Airdrop project is a legit or scam as well as find out the supposed benefits of registering on chakra and accumulating the tokens. Without wasting much time, let’s get straight into the business of the day.

About Chakra Airdrop


In the words of the owners, “Chakra is a digital token that was designed by the pioneers to revolutionize or change community reward mechanisms by operating with action rather than mere rhetoric, which the administrators claim is evident in the swift project progression.

Chakra is a digital token that can only be used within the chakra ecosystem and currently, they’ve not fully launched but users can sign up and claim the token either by either coming back to the website every day to claim free $2 worth of chakra or referring.

Features of Chakra

  • Ecosystem Dynamics: Chakra serves as the core token in a diverse ecosystem, incorporating staking, DAO participation, trading, and lending. Notable integrations involve NFTs, gaming, smart contract auditing, and metaverse practices, positioning Chakra as a utility token for communication, exchange, and barter.
  • Pricing Dynamics: The Chakra token undergoes pricing phases, including airdrop, launch, and presale, subject to market trends. The white paper provides estimated values.
  • Earning Opportunities: Obtain Chakra through airdrops, daily web mining, friend referrals, and social media giveaways.
  • Token Distribution: Chakra boasts a total supply of 420 trillion tokens, allocated as 25% liquidity, 15% presale, 20% airdrop, 10% advisory, 10% staking, 10% marketing, and 10% team.

Chakra Airdrop Review – Is Chakra Legit Or Scam?

Is chakra legit or scam?

First of, to answer this question, we will be having a look at some indicators.

While many great Airdrop tokens started up in similar way and manner, there is some doubts regarding the legitimacy of the platform. It claims to be a meme token that can be withdrawn or traded to Ethereum immediately they launch the token officially, but the website and arrangement generally doesn’t show that level of seriousness.

Imagine giving users free $6 worth of chakra tokens and also given them up to $2 worth of the token daily and also rewarding for referrals. It seems so good to be true and there is a saying that if it appears to be too good to be true, it may not actually be true.

Chakra scam adviser rating

Secondly, the Scamadviser rating of their official website, is very low. The website is very young, meaning the project is still very young and they are in a haste to start presale and encouraging users to fund their wallets for the presale. Everything seems so fast and unrealistic for a supposedly legit Airdrop.

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But don’t get this article wrong, there is no verifiable evidence that chakra Airdrop is scam, we are just speculating based on the evidences on ground. Regardless, that wouldn’t stop other aspects of this review.

How to Create An Account On Chakra

Simply head to the Official Chakra website and sign up.

You need to input correct email address because it will be verified before you will be allowed to login. After login, you will be rewarded with free 5billion+ chakra tokens which is worth $6.

On the dashboard, you will find the option to claim every 24 hours. So you should get back to the website every 24 hours to claim more chakra tokens. This is important because the more you claim, the higher your ranking or level on the platform and this is an important metric if you’re to be a standard participant.

How to Earn More Chakra Tokens

Earn more chakra tokens via referrals

The next easy way of earning more chakra token or Airdrop is by referring to chakra. Simply click on the three lines at the top right corner, copy your referral link and share to friends.

For every person you refer to chakra website using your link, you get rewarded with extra $3 worth of chakra. This is another indication that the Airdrop project may not be a legit one. But we will play along safely.

How/When to Withdraw Chakra Tokens

When to withdraw chakra tokens

According to the information on the Official handle of chakra, the presale will go live on the 29th of November and users will be able to withdraw their accumulated tokens after the presale is over.

So you will be able to withdraw all your chakra tokens immediately after the presale which is happening on the 29th of November.

Personally speaking, I don’t see chakra Airdrop as a worthy project but it’s okay if you feel or think otherwise. The essence of this chakra Airdrop review was to show you the important aspects of the Airdrop and share with you some potential downsides. We are not stopping anyone from registering on any site of their choice.

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