Chancedash Review: Scratch Cards And Earn Upto 100k ($100)

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Here comes a review of chancedash, a scratch card game that lets users make money when they Scratch and unveil different cards. You can earn some cents and even up to $100 when you accumulate the rare lottery tickets as you keep playing the games. In this chancedash Review, we will be finding out if the game is legit or not, how to accumulate more coins to enable you scratch more cards and the various chancedash payment proof.

In this article as already mentioned, we will be having a concise look at chancedash gaming website. Incase you’ve seen the website somewhere and wondering if it’s legit or not and how you too can start making some money freely, this article will serve as a source of enlightenment to you. Just keep reading and make sure you join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making updates that require little to no capital.

About Chancedash

Chancedash is a scratch card gaming website that rewards users when they unveil the same card thrice at a time. The cards in each round contain varying prizes starting from simple lottery tickets to some cents and even huge amount of money in dollars. In order for you to win, you have to unveil the same amount or prize thrice in a single round. Let’s say, $25 card appears thrice in a single round, you will be credited with the amount.

Chancedash Review – Is Chancedash Legit?

Chancedash review

Chancedash from the look of thing is legit. But I don’t know what the future holds, the only thing I can say is, from the experience now and the various payment receipts, chancedash is a legit scratch card game that actually pays users. All you have to do is keep scratching and unveiling per round to stand a higher chance of winning something tangible.

The best part is that, the payment is so close to instant. Immediately you win something and place withdrawal, it will be credited to your crypto wallet instantly. Another positive indicator pointing to the legitimacy of chancedash is the fact that the minimum withdrawal is just $1.

How to Create a Chancedash Account

  • To get started, you need a Chancedash account and to do this, simply click HERE. The sign up process is very simple and straightforward.
  • When you are done creating an account, you will be given free 1000 coins which will enable you play the game 10x. During this 10 times you may be lucky to win yourself an urgent $1 (1,000 naira).
  • So just make sure you sign up with your real email and start scratching.

How to Accumulate More Coins on Chancedash

How to accumulate more coins on chancedash

When you exhaust the initial 1000 coins, you may not know how else to continue playing the game, worry no more. There is another way of accumulating points of chancedash and this is through referrals.

Simply click on the invite option showing at the top and copy your referral link. Share it to friends and family members and for each person you refer, you get to earn 50 coins on a daily basis. Which means as long as your referrals remain active, you get 50 coins which would enable you play game daily for higher chances of winning.

How to Withdraw Money From Chancedash

There is no way we can call this chancedash review without also explaining how to withdraw money from the platform.

Once you have earned up to a dollar on chancedash, remember I said the minimum withdrawal amount on chancedash is  $1, immediately you earn this amount, click on the profile icon showing at the top right corner, and then on the amount available on your balance and then proceed to select the withdrawal method.

Like I said, you can withdraw via cryptocurrency wallets, just copy either your trx wallet address or your BTC address and submit for your money. The payment takes a few minutes to arrive.

Green Flags About Chancedash

  1. The payment is almost instant.
  2. The minimum withdrawal on chancedash is just $1. This is a plus considering that some other platforms fix their minimum withdrawal at $5 making it almost impossible for users to attain.
  3. The site has an interesting referral program.
  4. You get a welcome bonus of 1000 coins which if you’re lucky enough may be enough for you to bag the first urgent 1,000 naira.

Red Flags About Chancedash

  1. Chancedash is more or less a luck thing. If you are not so lucky, you can refer 100 people and still not earn up to $1.
  2. Chancedash recently implemented highly intrusive ads which makes navigation on the site without ad block one hell of a task.
  3. The website has no owner. Meaning it can stop paying at anytime, if you wish to make something out of it, this is your best chance.

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed this chancedash review! Feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making updates.

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