How to Change Profile Picture On Facebook Without Anyone Knowing

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Knowing how to change profile picture on Facebook without anyone knowing is a simple but tricky method people use when they don’t want attention or unnecessary notifications after changing their profile pictures. Facebook is a social medium, some people post pictures not just to garner likes or attention but to store memories and as such, sometimes, they may just want to update pictures without notifying any of their friends.

I belong to this category and luckily for us, there are two methods of doing this on Facebook currently. You can update your profile picture without notifying anyone by either making an old profile picture your current one or you use the feature available on Facebook to prevent anyone from knowing you have changed profile picture.

In this article, we are basically going to be finding out how to change profile picture on Facebook without any friend knowing and also how you can make an old profile picture your current one. These two methods are simple ways to update your display picture on the social platform without notifying any friend or relative of the change to avoid likes or comments. Let’s get right into it!

How to Make An Old Profile Picture Your Current One

1. Open the Facebook application, most preferably it is better not to use the lite version.

How to make an old profile picture your current one on Facebook

2. Click on the three lines at the top right corner, select your Facebook profile. On the current picture being displayed, you will see a “camera” icon, tap on it and from the options shown, click on “Select Profile Picture”.

Change Profile picture on Facebook without anyone knowing

3. Then go to uploads, you will see your previous profile picture, just select it from the list and while saving it as the profile picture, uncheck the share to news feed option. This is a feature that will now hinder or stop your Facebook friends from knowing you have switched back to your old profile picture on Facebook.

That’s the simple way to set an old profile picture as current one on Facebook. Having seen that, let’s also get to know how to do it using a new picture probably uploaded from your camera roll.

Steps to Change Profile picture on Facebook Without Anyone Knowing

1. Open the Facebook app again, follow the steps mentioned above to access your profile.

2. Click on the camera icon showing beside your name and then select a picture from your camera roll i.e. from your phone.

3. Then while uploading, uncheck the share to news feed option as well and the profile picture will be changed with none of your friends being notified about this change. This method works perfectly well.

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The only way a friend will know you have changed profile picture is if he or she visits your profile to look you up and then sees the changes.

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