Checkkit App: How to Get 100 Naira Free Per Sim

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Checkkit app free 100 naira

Checkkit App is an application that helps users differentiate original products from fake products and also win cash for taking short surveys. They are giving free 100 naira airtime to users who download the app and complete the basic demographic surveys available for all users. Upon completion of the surveys, you should be credited with the 100 naira worth of points which can be withdrawn via cash or airtime.

In this article we are going to have a look at how you can get free 100 naira on checkkit app for each sim you have. All you need to create accounts is your sim line and email addresses, you can fabricate email addresses as there is no email verification but phone number must be able to receive otp. Before we dive into the main point or reason for writing this article, let’s first have a look at some of the features of checkkit app to better understand what the app is all about.

About Checkkit App

Checkkit app as already stated is an app that helps users differentiate between fake and real or original products easily by scanning the barcode. The administrators of the app also included option to complete surveys and earn some points which can be redeemed as airtime or cash. But away from the benefit or remuneration attached to using the app, below is a detailed guide on how the checkkit app works;

1. When you find a chekkit-secured product, look out for a label on it. Simply scratch the silver panel to reveal two unique codes; a QR code and a PIN. You can either scan the QR code or input the PIN on the app to see if the product is fake, original, or even expired. For every 5 chekkit-secured products you verify, you get N100 airtime for FREE.

2. If you purchased a product and you suspect it’s fake? Or perhaps that body lotion gave you a nasty skin irritation? You can report these experiences right on the app. Tell us where you bought it from, what your experience was, and then attach a picture of the product. That simple. Your report is forwarded to the appropriate authorities and manufacturers.

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You also earn points when you answer surveys or give feedback on products and much more and that brings us back to the reason for this publication. We are going to break down how to get free 100 naira airtime or cash on checkkit app.

How to Get Free 100 Naira Airtime On Checkkit App

How to withdraw Checkkit app free airtime

  • Download Checkkit App from Google Play store and sign up by clicking on the get started button. Fill your details such as email address, phone number, first and last name then proceed to submit.
  • You will be asked to enter a six digit pin, make sure you use something you can easily remember so you don’t have issues logging into your account later.
  • After creating pin, you will be prompted to verify your phone number. Enter the otp sent to your phone or you dial the ussd and your account will be verified.
  • Login into the main dashboard and you will see 4 surveys which bear 250 points. Each one you complete, you will be credited with the points accordingly. when you are done answering all the simple and brief surveys, you should have 1000 points.
  • The 1000 points is equivalent to 100 naira on checkkit app and you can cash out via airtime or cash i.e. direct payment to the bank account.

How to Withdraw Checkkit App Free 100 Naira

There is a mandatory wait time of 73 hours after gaining the points before withdrawal can be made. To withdraw the points, on the dashboard, you will see Cash Out button, click on it and select the payment channel you wish to go for. If you go for airtime, you will have to pay 250 points as charge. This means, you will be instantly credited with 75 naira airtime.

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You can also go for cash withdrawal but regardless of the withdrawal method, the 250 points charge is compulsory. But instead of being disappointed, you can utilize the update to the fullest by cloning the Checkkit App and creating multiple accounts with your numerous phone numbers.

Doing this will guarantee you 75 naira for each sim and it’s unlimited as long as you have many sims. So there is actually a lot to gain. You are not expected to make active income from the Checkkit app but you can always keep the app as a go-to when there is urgent need for some airtime.

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