Cheelee App Review: Watch Short Videos And Earn Crypto

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Cheelee review

Cheelee is a social network and short video platform where users get to earn money from watching short clips posted by creators. It may sound like a very cumbersome thing to do, but not to worry, cheelee works in similar ways as tiktok and the videos are about the same duration. I know you’re probably wondering how to earn money from it, so in this cheelee app review, we will be having a look at how to earn money, the full details about the platform and also finding out if it’s legit or not.

Cheelee was built on the idea that one’s attention could be utilized to earn money and for that purpose, the more attention and time expended on the cheelee app gets financially rewarded. Before we dive into that part of this particular topic, let’s have a brief look at the features of the cheelee application for those who may not have come to terms with what it’s about.

What is Cheelee App?

Cheelee App review

Cheelee is a social network app where users earn money in cryptocurrency when they view short videos from creators and also create their own contents (will be available in the future). You simply get paid on the cheelee app when you perform certain tasks which includes but not limited to;

  • Scrolling the Feed – users earn money when they scroll the cheelee feed. What this basically means is that, you’ll be exchanging your time and attention for monetary rewards when you scroll through the feed and watch videos posted by other creators. Interestingly, the app was built using the same AI as tiktok and the likes because you get to enjoy a personalized feed; with contents that resonates or interests you.
  • Referring new users to the cheelee app also fetches you additional money. This can also be utilized by interested individuals for a chance to earn up to $300 or more in a month. You can earn from $2 to $9 per referral depending on the glasses purchased by the user.
  • Promote your content or videos as a blogger or video creator without paying a dime for promotion because the Cheelee algorithm boosts the reach of contents that users find interesting. So when a user likes your video, there is high chance that similar videos from you will be shown to the audience and as we all know, audience is money in the Internet world, you automatically reach potential customers and earn money from the future incentive plan for content creators being worked on by the administrators.

Cheelee App Registration Process

In order to make money or start earning on the cheelee app, you need to download the mobile application and sign up. After signing up, you will be given free glasses known as the starting Glasses which will enable you earn some money on the app when you watch videos and scroll through the feed.

But the only thing is that, the starting Glasses and it’s earnings thereof are highly limited. You can’t withdraw the little earnings gotten from the free starting Glasses and also when the endurance runs out, the free glass would be broken, meaning you won’t be able to earn any money from viewing short videos anymore till you upgrade.

The in-app currency is the Lee token and the Cheelee Token. As a user, you earn Lee token which can be directly withdrawn to certain wallets such as the MEXC App, Bitmart etc. 1 Lee token is equivalent to $1.88, the more videos you watch on the platform and the time spent on the app, the more lee tokens you get which can be withdrawn as long as you’ve upgraded your glasses.

Types Of Glasses And Their Prices

Cheelee app glasses

  1. Smart glasses – these are the minimum glasses you can purchase after registering and they cost $10.3 but there is provision for one to pay using the local currency and thankfully, its lower than the amount you will spend should you decide to deposit Usdt in your cheelee wallet to purcuase the smart glasses.
  2. The second class of glasses are the simple glasses which cost about $51.5 to purchase and by virtue of it being more pricey than the former, you get to earn more money if you opt for the glasses instead.
  3. The last class of glasses are the rare glasses; rare for a reason and that is because of the cost of purchasing it. You pay $463.5 to purchase the rare glasses. This is the most expensive and the glasses you have to purchase if you really want to earn much faster than others but it comes with a higher risk. Like the saying goes, more risk, more rewards.

How to Purchase Glasses On Cheelee App to Start Earning

How to buy cheelee glasses

After you’ve signed up, you login to your account, click on wallet > select External wallet, there you can create a new in-app wallet. Create and save your key phrase as that could be needed later on should you lose access to your account.

When you are done with this step, click on the Earn Button, recall that I stated earlier that all new users are assigned starting Glasses which are free but limited. You can purchase new glasses by clicking on the Market > select the glasses you wish to go for and pay using Naira if you’re a Nigerian so you don’t spend so much. But you can also go for cryptocurrency (unadvisable)

Before proceeding to the payment page, you will be asked to fill a form, enter the name i.e. first and surname of the account you’re going to use in making the transfer for the purchase of one of the glasses.

After transferring the exact amount shown on the payment page, wait for some seconds or minutes for the paid amount to reflect and then return to the app and start watching videos to earn more money.

You can also change strategy after purchasing the glasses but be careful as there is no provision for change of earning strategy after you’ve equipped the newly purchased glasses.

There are three strategies you can go for after purchasing your glasses and they are as follows;

  • Stability enables you to receive more LEE for watching the feed. However, you will get fewer and smaller boxes.
  • Possible profitability: x1.5 – x2.2 times more than the price of the acquired glasses.
  • Mix lets you receive more LEE for scrolling and slightly increases the number of boxes. Possible profitability: x1.4 – x2.6 times more than the price of the acquired glasses.
  • Lucky increases your chances to receive boxes with more coins. However, your revenues for watching the feed will be minimal.
  • Possible profitability: x1.2 – x3.3 times more than the price of the acquired glasses.

Depending on the glasses purchased, you will be given some level of attention, for rare and simple glasses you get 16/16 attention whereas for the smart glasses you get 4/4 attention.

What this means and how it affects your income on the cheelee app is, the more videos you watch and time you spend on the feed, the more attention count you lose. After you’ve lost all attention given to you, your earnings will stop counting and as such, you will be given 5-6 hours wait time for the attention to replenish after which, you continue earning from the videos.

The higher your glasses, the more your attention and from what I just explained above, the higher your income as well because you will spend longer time viewing the short videos which translates to more money.

How to Withdraw Money From Cheelee

How to withdraw money from cheelee app

Like I said, you need to have the MEXC App and to do this, check on Play store or App store. Sign in with your Google account and click on Deposit > search for Lee > then copy the address.

Cheelee App withdrawal steps

After copying the address, open the cheelee app, click on wallets, transfer your funds from the internal wallet to external wallet on the cheelee app and then move to the external wallet and click on the available Lee Tokens, you will see an option to withdraw. Click on it, paste the address gotten from MEXC and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Minimum Withdrawal is 1 lee token which is $1.88 Usdt. When you receive the money on MEXC, you can now convert it to Usdt easily on the trade tab.

Cheelee App Review – Is Cheelee Legit Or Scam?

Now to the very important question and perhaps the reason for writing this cheelee app review, is this social network being discussed here legit or scam? The answer is, yes, cheelee is legit and paying at the time of writing this article.

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At first, it may seem complicated or difficult to understand but if you carefully read this cheelee app review from beginning to end, taking note of the screenshot illustrations getting started on the cheelee app wouldn’t be a big deal. Cheelee being legit doesn’t mean there are no red flags to talk about. So below are some of the red flags about cheelee every potential user should take note of;

Cheelee App Red Flags

Cheelee earning is kind of low especially if you purchase the smart glasses of $10.3. At the end of 30 days which is the natural expiry period for most glasses, you will have just about double of what you used to purchase the glasses. So judging from the data used to accumulate the money itself, it’s not really an app where you can earn hit-and-run kind of money from.

  • Secondly, you pay 30% charges from any amount of Lee tokens you want to transfer to external wallet and there is a BNB gas fee as well. This makes the whole thing very annoying, even though the fees are small, being charged 30% of Lee and BNB fee as gas is kind of outrageous and unfair on the part of the administrators and it’s one of the major red flags if I’m to say.
  • It’s just a copycat of tiktok as most creators and the videos one can see on tiktok are also on the app making it kind of tiring if you’re looking to see more interesting or different videos especially as an existing tiktok user.

I think we’ve come to the end of this cheelee app review. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section and endeavour to join our telegram channel and WhatsApp group.

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