Cleva Banking Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

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Cleva Banking review

Today we will be having a look at a review of cleva banking, a financial technology company that is currently giving users easy access to save in USD and also open dollar accounts that can be used to receive money from foreign countries; especially US. In this cleva banking review, we will touch on various areas related to the platform and also answer questions such as, is cleva banking legit or scam, owner of cleva banking and so on.

Having explained what this review is going to be about, let’s get straight into it in order not to wear you out with long talk.

About Cleva Banking

Is cleva banking legit or scam?

Cleva banking with the URL is a financial technology company otherwise referred to as Fintech that provides users with foreign bank account that can be used to receive money. As a freelancer, one problem we often experience is having a dollar account to receive our monies.

I remember when my job required that I create a dollar account, I literally downloaded all fintech on the app store to see the ones offering banking services, so it’s never easy for people who wish to earn money in foreign currency but with a platform like cleva, you can easily create a bank account that receives money from abroad without stress. There is no mobile app available for cleva at the moment, so the main way to access the service is through their website.

Cleva Banking Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

Cleva banking is a legit fintech company that allows users create US dollar accounts and also save in foreign currency to retain the value of their money. Cleva banking services are legit and they have partners in some financial institutions.

If for any reason, you are looking for a way to either save money in dollars or receive money using a dollar account, cleva banking services is certainly for you.

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I ran a check on URL using Scamadviser, and it returned a 67/100 rating, meaning that the URL is safe and even though cleva was recently launched in Nigeria, the hosting service is premium and not linked to fraudulent or phishing websites thus the high rating.

Moreover, Scamadviser isn’t foolproof that a website is legit or scam, but it gives a heads up when it comes to rating of the website based on hosting provider, age and number of visitors the website receives as very new websites tend to be risky.

Owner of Cleva Banking

According to the information on Cleva Banking official twitter handle, the CEO of the platform is Tolu Alabi. She’s the Co-founder and CEO of the platform, her Identity isn’t hidden in anyway, which also goes a long way to prove the legitimacy of Cleva.

How to Create A Dollar Account on Cleva Banking

To create an account, simply hop onto Getcleva and sign up with your real details. This is important because KYC is needed before one can create a dollar account on the website.

Like I said, there is no application for Cleva at the moment, but every financial activity starting from kyc to creation of accounts and receiving of foreign currency can be done on the website swiftly. When you’re done creating an account and verifying your email address.

Login to your newly created account and complete kyc with BVN and any means of Identification such as Voters Card, NIN etc.  Upon completion, you will be granted access to create a dollar or USD account freely on Cleva.

Then you can now save money and receive money from your clients using the app. From the publication on Cleva’s FAQ, it will soon expand to other countries and also allow payments from other countries as well. So if you need a dollar account for your freelancing payments, cleva is available and free.

How Cleva Banking Referral Program Works

Cleva banking referral

Currently, Cleva is running a referral campaign where users can earn up to $200 when they refer others to the app and they receive up to $300 in their accounts.

You earn $5 for every friend who receives up to $300 in his or her cleva account. The total amount a user can receive is $200, so why not start spreading the good news of cleva bank?

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleva Banking

1. Why is Cleva different?

• Easy to use: You can open a USD account in minutes without hassle.

• Experts: We have 10+ years of experience working within the US banking system and know how to build a great product you’ll enjoy.

• Affordable: We cap how much we charge for deposits received. You’ll never get charged more than $20 for any deposit you receive

2. Where can I receive money from?

• You can receive ACH or domestic wire payments from any bank account in the U.S. You can also receive payments from platforms such as Payoneer, Upwork, Deel, Fiverr, Amazon, e.t.c.

3. Is there a fee to open a Cleva USD account?

• No. Opening a Cleva USD account is free and there are no monthly fees.

4. What are the fees for USD deposits?

• ACH deposit fee: Only 0.9% of the deposit. Our minimum fee is $1.5 and maximum is $20 per deposit.

• Wire deposit fee: Flat fee of $10.

5. Is there a minimum deposit I can receive?

• Yes, a minimum of $1.5. Deposits less than $1.5 will not be released by our provider because they are used to cover fees.

6. How long do funds take to land in my Cleva account?

• ACH: 1 to 2 business days

• Wire: Hours to 1 business day.

We’ve come to the end of this cleva banking review! Have you tried creating an account on already?

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