Is There A Code to Unshare MTN Data In 2023?

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MTN data sharing feature is an initiative put in place by the network to encourage users who would like to share their data bundle with friends and family. But due to the world we live in, some people tend to abuse such privileges thus the reason why people ask for the code to Unshare data plan on MTN. There is a form of confusion as to whether MTN data bundles can be unshared, so we will be answering the question in this piece.

In this article, we will be finding out if there is a code to Unshare MTN data plan. This is to clear the minds of people who feel their data gets exhausted faster than normal and may have some doubts as to who is using their data plans. Before we get down to answering the question, let’s find out how MTN data sharing feature works in order to prove if there’s a way to Unshare MTN data plan as many want to know.

How Does MTN Data Sharing Work?

MTN data sharing is more like a data gifting thing; in the sense that, as a subscriber you are only provided with two options. One of which is to transfer data from your existing balance or buy a data plan for a friend or loved one on the network using your airtime balance. Currently, there is no way to share data bundle with other MTN customers.

You can only transfer data or buy for a friend with your airtime balance. The person you are buying for won’t be linked to your data bundle. So there is practically no way for someone to be using your data bundle without your knowledge. But for the sake of information, let’s also see the only way to transfer data on MTN using the newly introduced ussd codes.

How to Transfer Data on MTN In 2023

How to transfer data on MTN in 2023

  • Dial *321# and select Gift Data or
  • You can just dial *321*2# it will show you a list of options to either transfer the data from your available data balance or to buy it for a friend or loved one using your airtime.
  • You are now left to pick anyone that suits you.

Code to Unshare Data On MTN In 2023

How to Unshare data on MTN in 2023

Having done the above explanations in the above, it is now crystal clear that there is no way currently for one to Unshare data on MTN. Data sharing service on MTN network is different from what is obtainable on other networks. If you feel someone is using your data with you, then you should look around to see if someone is turning on your hotspot without your knowledge.

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Or someone transfers data from your balance whenever you keep your phone. There is no way for someone to link his or her phone number to your data plan. Such things don’t exist. On MTN, users can only transfer or buy data using your airtime but they can’t share data permanently from your line.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Sharing My Data On MTN?

There is no way to know other than phoning MTN customer service to trace the history of data transfers on your line. Like I said earlier, the only thing that can be done to your data is if the person transfers data from your line to his or her own and the maximum daily is 2gb.

The only way to ascertain if such transaction occured on your line is calling the customer service.

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