CoinSavi Mining Review: How to Mine Savi Tokens Free Daily

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Coinsavi mining review

CoinSavi is a cryptocurrency exchange that can be used to send, receive and trade various crypto assets. But in addition to what they offer, CoinSavi is also giving users an opportunity to mine their own token, known as the Savi which will be later exchanged or traded on the exchange in the future. So in this CoinSavi mining review, we will be having a look at how you too can start mining and also other important information regarding CoinSavi.

In this CoinSavi mining review as previously stated, we will start by having a look at some general information about CoinSavi and also the features of the wallet, before we dive into how you can start mining the Savi token on the app as well as how to boost your mining rate and finally, whether CoinSavi mining is legit or scam. Without wasting much time, let’s get started with the discussion of today.

About CoinSavi

Coinsavi is a cryptocurrency wallet with support for over 350 coins or crypto assets as well as multiple layers of security for users. According to the information on the apps page, there is 23 layers of security for users who use the app for their day-in, day-out crypto activities.

Coinsavi is affiliated or in a partnership with Remitano and as such, if you have Remitano account, you can link it to CoinSavi profile, so there wouldn’t be need for extra KYC after registration because the kyc done on Remitano will serve same purpose.

Features Of CoinSavi App


User-friendly interface that is designed for everyone to start seamless and efficient real-time trading. With CoinSavi, numerous digital assets besides Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) are available for you to buy, sell, trade and get closer to the financial success.


We understand the importance of a robust security system, and therefore, we have implemented our 23 security layer to safeguard your funds and personal information and provide you a secure investment environment.


Thanks to coporate with the powerful fiat deposit and withdrawal system, it makes trading easier and more convenient than ever before. It is allowing you to quickly start trading and cash out your earnings, giving you more time to focus on your trades.


We have partnered with top-tier liquidity providers to ensure that our users have access to a deep pool of liquidity, enabling them to trade at the desired price without worrying about slippage or delays.


Trade with ease and save money with our low transaction fees! We understand the importance of keeping your trading costs as low as possible, which is why we offer some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry. Believe us! You got the best deal. Exclusive service at amazing fee.

How to Start Mining Savi Tokens on CoinSavi

How to start mining savi tokens on CoinSavi

To start mining the Savi token, simply download CoinSavi App and create an account with either your Google account or you enter your email address manually.

After creating an account, you will have to verify the email and then sign into your newly created account. On the homepage, you will be prompted to complete level 1 kyc which involves just setting your country of origin and then you will gain partial access to the exchange.

If you want to start the mining session, simply click on Mining at the bottom or click on the Mine Now button on your homepage. It will take you to the mining page, click on it to commence the mining.

It’s done on a daily basis or after every 24 hours but for a start, you get 0.08 Savi per hour i.e. as a new user. So you just have to come back every 24 hours to reactivate miner in order to accumulate more Savi Tokens.

How to Mine More Savi on CoinSavi

If you want to increase your mining rate, there are certain steps or things you have to complete and they are as follows;

1. Keep the mining chain – hold the mining chain by restarting the miner every day to increase mining speed and number of tokens achieved. As long as you mine everyday for 7 days without missing a single day, you will earn extra 0.42 savi. If you keep the mining for 14 days without a single break, you can increase to 0.504 Savi.

So the more you maintain the streak the better for you and the more Savi Tokens you will receive. This is one easy way to accumulate more savi tokens on the CoinSavi exchange.

How to increase CoinSavi mining

2. Performing missions – this is another great way to accumulate savi tokens. If you want to boost mining rate simply click on Boost Mining to see the tasks you have to perform or complete in order for your mining rate to increase.

3. Referring new users to the CoinSavi app is a great way to boost your savi mining rate. Simply copy your referral link and send to friends and family and as your referrals mine, you receive more Savi Tokens and also your mining power will also be increased.

How to Complete KYC on CoinSavi

How to complete kyc on CoinSavi

Like I said earlier, you can either link your verified Remitano account to CoinSavi or you upload an ID and selfie for level 2 verification.

To do this, click on your profile icon at the top left corner, and then on Identity Verification. There you will the level 1 and level 2 kyc requirements. The important kyc to complete is the level 2

Coinsavi Mining Review – Is CoinSavi Mining Legit Or Scam?

From all indications, CoinSavi as an exchange is legit if we are to start judging from that. Secondly, there are very strong signs that the Savi Tokens being mined on CoinSavi will be listed for a good price. Tokens being launched by exchanges often perform well.

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When Renec token was launched by Remitano, many users who had been mining the token benefitted greatly from it. Since, Remitano is in partnership with CoinSavi, there is every indication that, the Savi token will also be very big later on. So why not grab this free opportunity to secure the tokens and cash out later in a big way when it gets listed?

We’ve come to the end of this CoinSavi mining review! Feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making updates and reviews

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