Comegold Review: Earn Free $10 Dollars Doing Tasks

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Comegold free 10 dollars proof

Comegold is a online earning platform that was officially registered on the 20th of June, 2022. The platform promises to reward users with unlimited income depending on the amount invested starting from 100 dollars.

I know you must be feeling lost now, the platform’s minimum deposit is 100 dollars unlike what is obtainable on other similar platforms. But that’s not all there is to know about Comegold. The administrators of the platform also set up a test program for users who feel skeptical about investing such a huge amount of money to be upgraded to VIP. The free test program is where we come in, you can earn free 10 dollars in a week that can be withdrawn.

How to Earn Free Money On Comegold Platform

Making money on Comegold website

✅ Sign up on Comegold website with your real Details, presently, they don’t have provision for Nigerian users. The only way to participate and earn the free initial test revenue is, using one of the disposable US phone numbers that can be gotten from our Previous post on How to Get US phone numbers for Online Verifications.

✅ Sign up as a US citizen on the website and then click on Tasks, then tap on receive, as a user who came for the test program, you can only grab three orders for a day which gives 0.50 dollar per task. After selecting at least 3 tasks, click on record and complete the tasks.

Comegold tasks

✅ When you are done with the tasks, which often entails, subscribing to a YouTube channel, liking the video and then submitting screenshot on the Comegold website. You will be credited $1.50 after completing the three tasks.

✅ That’s all, repeat the process on a daily basis to accumulate more money. Every day you earn 1.50 dollars from completing three tasks. After a week, you place withdrawal.

How to Withdraw $10 Dollars From Comegold Website 

Payment password setup on Comegold

First of all, there is need for you to set up your payment password. The default payment password is, 1122, every user is required to change it to their own preferred password. To effect this change, click on profile icon and then on personal information, you will see the payment password option.

Enter the default password and then enter the desired password you can remember. Then go back to wallet and click on withdrawals, fill the necessary forms such as your USDT wallet address and then enter your PayPal email address and payment password before withdrawing your accrued earnings.

Payment via PayPal often arrives within 12 – 24 hours. Make sure you have Lesotho PayPal or UAE PayPal before placing withdrawal. The reason is, PayPal restricted Nigeria from the list of countries that can receive money using their service.

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