Complete Remitano Courses And Get Free $2 Token Swappable to TRX

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Remitano free token payment proof

Are you aware that you can get free $2 worth of token when you complete two courses on the remitano application after sign up? Remitano is the product of Babylon solutions limited incorporated in Seychelles.

The app is an escrowed p2p Crypto exchange platform that gives users the opportunity to buy, sell, store, invest, deposit and withdraw crypto-currencies with Fiat wallet fast and securely. The app supports Bitcoin, Usdt, ethereum, Litecoin, ripple and many other altcoins. Now the good thing or interesting aspect is that, they are rewarding users with $2 worth of RENEC token which can be swapped and withdrawn.

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In this post, we are going to have a look at how you can get the free $2 by completing the two simple courses by providing a link to get the answers to the questions you will be asked. Just keep reading and make sure you follow the steps carefully.

How to Get $2 Worth of Remitano Token Free By Completing Courses (RENEC)

  • Download Remitano Application if you don’t have an account prior to the publication of this piece. – You can download Remitano from Google Play store.
  • After downloading Remitano from the link attached above, sign up with either your Google account or Facebook account. This is basic sign in as you will still be required to fill other details.
  • When you are done signing in, you will be asked to set an account phone number and get it verified. To do this, just enter your phone number excluding 0 and then enter the OTP that will be sent to your line.

Once you are done with the sign up and phone number linkage, the next step would be to get your KYC verification done. Some of the documents needed are;

  1. National ID Card i.e. the plastic one
  2. NIN slip – luckily, people who have just the slip can also get their accounts verified
  3. Voter’s card
  4. International passport.

KYC verification on Remitano

Those are the documents needed for one to get verified. Enter the digits on the voter’s card and then snap the front of the card and upload i.e. if you are doing with voters card. Then you record a short facial video for them to prove your identity. You must be fully verified not temporarily verified before you complete the courses otherwise you won’t be given the free $2

After you’re done setting up your account, you will get a mail showing you the courses to complete for a chance to get the RENEC token. Or you can access the courses by clicking on ‘discover‘ then on ‘courses

How to access remitano courses for free token

In order to ensure we all win in the game; below is a link to access the correct answers of the courses you will meet;

First course answers can be found –

Second course answers can be found –

Just study the answers and then complete the courses accurately and you will be given $2 worth of remitano tokens. The next step would be to swap the token to usdt, luckily for us too, you can do it right there on the app.

How to Swap Your Remitano Token to USDT

  • Open the remitano app or if you are already logged in, click on swap.
  • Then you select RENEC from the list of the coin you intend swapping to another.
  • On the second option select USDT and then proceed to swap.

The RENEC token will be converted to usdt/trx which can be withdrawn to another wallet and cashed out.

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